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How To Create the Perfect Winter Bedroom January 24, 2018

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Feel the chill in the air? Now that winter is here the one place you should be able to seek solace from the weather is your bedroom.  There’s nothing more comforting than crawling under the warm covers.  During this season, your bedroom should be softer, warmer and more inviting. We’re going to show you how to make your bedroom an escape during the bitter winter.



Incorporate Lighter Colors

In many areas, winter means long, cold and dark days. Therefore, you should introduce some lighter colors into your bedroom design scheme to brighten up those dreary days. Consider using hues like warm whites, light grey, and pale blues.  Colors like yellow and taupe are also appropriate. Using such colors throughout your bedroom will add brightness to your space which can lift your spirits on those bitter winter days.

Be sure to use layers of texture within your bedroom as well. For instance, a thick rug at the foot of your bed and a faux fur throw draped over your bed is bound to keep you warm and cozy.


Increase Indoor Lighting

Since the sun goes down early in the winter, you’ll want to add more sources of light to your bedroom so that you can bring back some of the warmth that the sunshine brings. So instead of sticking to a single overhead light, consider scattering task lighting throughout the room to create a glow that illuminates from within. Opt for incandescent light bulbs since they cast a warm, orange glow.


Make Your Bed Warm with Flannel

Of course, you can’t have a cozy bedroom without an ultra-warm bed. It’s time to switch out your light linen summer bedding for something heavier.  Flannel bedding is an essential because it’s soft and is guaranteed to keep you warm when the temperature drops.  Flannel has a woven surface that helps keep the heat in.


Don’t forget the duvet

When your blanket isn’t doing the job switch to a heavyweight duvet. Invest in a duvet that is 100 percent goose down.  A goose down duvet adjusts to your body temperature which means that it will keep you toasty on the winter nights and is breathable during the summer. 

Happy Holidays! December 25, 2017

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During this festive time of the year, we want to wish every one of you Happy Holidays!  

Make a Fully-Functioning Entryway November 28, 2017

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Entryways are an incredible part of the home. They provide a glimpse into your home’s decor, a place to wipe your feet and welcome your guest. If done correctly, they can give homeowners a fantastic amount of storage. To help you accomplish a successful entryway, we have created a list of four tips to help make your entryway fully-functional. 


How to Make Your Entryway Fully-Functional:

Tip #1: Section off Your Entryway. 

A great way to keep consistency and organization afloat in your entryway is to divide it into areas. These designated areas will help keep your family organized and moving. 

    • Area One: Jackets, Shoes, Hats, Scarves, Gloves, Etc. 
    •   Area Two: Keys, Purse/Briefcase, Sunglasses, Umbrella, Etc.
    •   Area Three: Pet Leashes, Treats, and Other Pet Supplies.
    •   Area Four: Backpacks and Lunch-boxes.

Try adding wall-hooks to help hang your belongings. Hooks are a quick and effective way to keep items organized and accessible. If your entryway allows, add baskets for extra storage. The baskets are a stylish storage option that will help keep your stuff neat and arranged. 

Tip #2: Add Extra Light. 

Lighting in an entryway is essential! To help create more light during the nighttime, be sure to add in a lamp. During the daytime, pull back curtains and blinds to let the sunlight flow throughout the space. 

Tip #3: Foreshadow. 

Like we mentioned before, your home’s entryway can provide a glimpse into your home’s style and decor. Let your personality shine while you decorate your entryway. Be sure to add special touches that describe your personal style and tastefully match the rest of the home. 

Tip #4: Add Storage. 

Depending on your budget and personal style, you can add a variety of different furniture pieces to your entryway. Antique dressers or rustic lockers can add a trendy twist to your front entrance. Also, be sure to add some seating for putting on your shoes! 


Stop by our showroom today and explore all of your flooring options!


Living Room Decor: Traditional Style November 3, 2017

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As time marches on, so do popular trends. This can be a bit of a challenge to keep up with when you are decorating your home. Updates can be costly and pieces will not last as long since they will go out of style within a few years.  Don’t underestimate the beauty and longevity of incorporating traditional style into your design.  It has a timeless quality that will last a lifetime and keep costs down with its much-loved look. 


Home layouts have changed as time has gone by. The demand for separate non-bedroom spaces is not as popular as open floor plans are anymore. While traditional pieces perform well in separate spaces, remember that they can also work wonders in merged common areas.  The living room is a great example of this.  The classic soft palette used in traditional style decorating helps blend any shared spaces seamlessly.  Any colors of special interest can be easily integrated through the room’s accessories. Allow the drapery, throw pillows and blankets to catch the eye. A beautiful oil painting above the fireplace will steal the show.


Keep your main pieces soft and warm to create an inviting space. Use texture to create a cozy spot you want to settle into at the end of the day.  To add richness to the room, dark wood accents give the room visual weight and provide a little bit of luxury at the same time. Beautiful wooden antique pieces will help set the stage. Bronze candlesticks can provide ambiance in the evening with the support of wall sconces emitting a soft, yellow light throughout the room through the use of a dimmer switch.


Installing tall indoor potted plants will add a natural look while also bringing some nice color to the room.  If the decor is of mostly solid color pieces, try adding a little bit of design through the use of an area rug. An area rug especially will look stunning when placed in a room that needs a focal point.  If possible, using a glass coffee table to prevent blocking the view from such a wonderful piece.

Designing Your Bedroom Under Budget October 4, 2017

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If you have a spare bedroom, you may be asking yourself “Where am I going to get the money to design this extra room?” Designing a bedroom does not need to break your bank! In fact, we can help keep you on-budget with these eight pro-design tips! 


Designing a Bedroom Under-Budget:

  1. Liven it up with paint. A fresh coat of paint can transform any room into a luxurious escape without going over budget. Warmer colors can help create a homey feel while pops of color can bring life and happiness into your space. If you are looking for a calming mood, try a light blue or various shades of pastel colors. 
  2. Shop your house. Do not hit up the housing stores just yet. Your home may hold a lot of unused treasures that can be perfect for your bedroom. Look around your home to find decor pieces and unused furniture that would work in your bedroom. 
  3. Matching is so last year. If you are concerned about matching, do not be! Matching patterns, metals, and fabrics are so last year. You can combine the different objects and create a beautiful design. 
  4. Comfort meets chic. Focus on the comfort of your bed before you spend money on other pieces in your bedroom. Buy extra soft sheets, a comfortable mattress, and a plush comforter. The bed can hold all of the details of the room without you even realizing it. 
  5. Details found in the DIY. If you do not own something, make it yourself! Great DIY projects can be found online for homeowners looking to extend creativity. 
  6. Gather hand-me-downs. Before you buy brand new, ask your family and friends for their old furniture. Yes, we understand that “old furniture” may not sound extremely appealing, but you can repurpose it into something spectacular. When in doubt, take what people offer. You can either reinvent it or sell it for some extra cash. Take what you can, when you can. 
  7. Nothing a plant cannot fix. Plants can bring color and life into your space without breaking the bank! Try incorporating them into your bedroom’s decor for a simple, budget-friendly update. Succulents and cacti are a great long-lasting, trendy option that would work great in your bedroom. The best part is that they are inexpensive and low-maintenance!
  8. Splurge on the important. Saving money is the best way to have money left to spend on the important details in your spare room.  While your decor will be pleasant to experience, the true measure of a guest room is the mattress.  Invest in a comfortable and well-built mattress and your guests can sleep well.  


We are happy to answer any questions you may have while setting up a spare room!

Garden Container Ideas September 15, 2017

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We can hardly contain ourselves! Fall is on its way and that means your garden will be transformed into an autumn oasis. Plus, we have nine container ideas for you to fallin love with this season. Like our puns? You will like our container ideas even more! 


Nine Garden Container Ideas (Fall)

Idea 1: A Rustic Touch. You can find a lot of hidden treasures at your local antique shop. An old pale, wheelbarrow or bin could be used to house your favorite fall plants!

Idea 2: Straight From The Farm. Palette boxes are a trendy and affordable option for homeowners looking to add some rustic charm. You can place the boxes on your front steps or anywhere you desire for a timeless look. 

Idea 3: Make A Bold Entrance. Make a statement by placing your garden containers on either side of your front door. 

Idea 4: New Hues, Who Dis? Fall brings a whole new color spectrum along with it. From reds to yellows, your garden will be officially warm-toned. When you are deciding on your garden container, make sure you choose one that fits with your color scheme. Darker colors tend to work well with the fall-like tones.

Idea 5: It’s About Who You Hang With. While you are decorating your garden container, consider the area surrounding it. Dress up the area with hay, squash, acorns, pumpkins, and other fall-like decor pieces. The newly-added decorations will help spruce up your home and make it look fall-ready. 

Idea 6: Welcoming Windows. A great garden container is a window planter. They bring life to your windows and demand attention to your home’s exterior. Window planters are a great curb appeal booster for homeowners. 

Idea 7: A Teacher’s First-Love. Transform an ordinary planter into a unique piece by using chalkboard paint. Afterwards, you can grab a piece of chalk and write sayings on your planter like “thankful” or “blessed.” You can bring out this chalkboard planter each year and change up the design and quote to fit your mood. 

Idea 8: What’s Hanging? Hanging plants are great options for homeowners who have decks and porches. You can plant fall flowers inside of your plant hangers for a warm, cozy look. 

Idea 9: The Pumpkin Patch. Try hollowing out pumpkins and using them to hold your flowers. Note that this idea is a temporary idea because pumpkins can rot; therefore, you want to change them out frequently or plant it only when you are planning on having guests. 


We hope you enjoyed these nine ideas! Check back weekly for more ideas and updates. 

How to Add Color into A Boring Room August 11, 2017

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Imagine an empty white room. Now, we give you permission to decorate it however you want, but you cannot change the white wall color or the white flooring. What would be the first thing you would do? You would probably start off by adding some color into your space and that is the best advice we can give homeowners. Most homeowners are looking to spice up their space but they do not know where to start. Here is our guide on how to add color to a boring room. 


Step One: Gain Inspiration.

Sure, we could start off by saying “choose your favorite color,” but your favorite color may not be the color you want to see in your home every day. Take some time to explore all the color possibilities that there are online. Look at other homeowner’s houses and see how they have experimented with colors. After you have gotten inspired, you are ready for step two! 

Step Two: Choose a Staple Piece. 

We want you to choose one decorative item that you absolutely must have in this space. Once you have chosen that item, you can begin to design around it. Everything in the room must go off of that one item. For example, you have chosen a beautiful, navy blue sofa for your living room. That would be your one decorative item! 

Step Three: Get a Color Scheme.

Next, we want to build up the room surrounding that one item. Find colors that work well with the item you have chosen. This will be a good opportunity to use some of the inspiration you have previously gained. What other color schemes did homeowners use with that color? Before you make a purchase, gather fabric samples and paint chips from the stores. See how they work with your staple piece and how they look in the room’s lighting. 

Step Four: Start Decorating.

Now that you have decided on a color scheme you can begin buying items within that color family. Make sure to decide whether you want dark or light woods in the room and what type of metallic finishes you are going to choose (silver, gold or rose gold)? Start off by buying the room’s larger items then you can move onto the smaller items. 

Step Five: Finish by Painting. 

The last step is to paint the room. The key to painting a room filled with colors is to select a color within your color scheme that was not used very often and is rather neutral. If you are going to choose a color, tone it down by selecting a more subtle version. Make sure to ask for paint experts advice before you buy your color.  


Wow, we must say your new space looks amazing! The best way to finish off your home is with brand new flooring. Complete the look with gorgeous hardwood flooring, elegant tile, or cozy carpet from us. We would love to help you finish off your home. Stop in today for more information on our flooring selection. 

An Organized Bedroom July 15, 2017

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Organizing a bedroom can become a difficult task because we tend to accumulate a lot of items. Finding a proper home for every item in your bedroom can become frustrating. We want to help you maximize the storage opportunities available in your home’s bedrooms with six simple tips. An organized home is a happy home! Start the organization process in your bedroom this summer.


Six Tips for an Organized Bedroom:

Tip No. One: Create a unique space. 

A room is more organized if you try to designate specific areas for different activities in your bedroom. Depending on your bedroom size, this can be easily accomplished. You can add a small desk for work activities, a sofa chair, and lamp to create your reading nook or a small table with a coffee maker as a mini coffee bar. 

Tip No. Two: Start your day off right. 

Start your day off by making your bed each morning. There is no better feeling than coming home to a clean room and a made bed. If you had a stressful day, this will help you to feel more at ease when you get home. 

Tip No. Three: Everything has a home.  

A general rule to follow: always put everything back in its place. Everything is your room has a home and it is really easy to throw things around when you are getting ready in the morning, but make sure to put everything away before you leave. 

Tip No. Four: Baskets are a homeowner’s best friend. 

Baskets are a great piece in your bedroom because they add to your room’s decor and organization. You can use them to store blankets, towels or dirty clothes. Baskets can help reduce visible clutter and give you a place to store your items. 

Tip No. Five: Storage goes beyond the closet. 

Add shelving systems, utilize the space underneath your bed, and take advantage of the area behind your doors to get the most out of your bedroom. 

Tip No. Six: Schedule an hour.

Things will be easier to accomplish if you set an hour aside each week for cleaning and organizing your space. Make sure to stick to the same schedule each week for an effective routine. 


We hope you enjoyed these simple tips for keeping your home’s bedrooms organized. Take summer as the opportunity to get a jumpstart on your home’s organization! Let us know ways you stay motivated to organize your home in the comment section. 

Making it Cozy June 16, 2017

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You have bought a new home, but it has not felt like home. You have moved everything in, but there is still something missing. You almost feel like you are just living in someone else’s house. We get it, this is because you have not officially made your house, a home. 


Tips to make your house feel like home

1. There is such a thing as “too clean.” Having your counters filled with miscellaneous items can become cluttered and ultimately, look messy. But having nothing on your countertops can make it look like no one lives there! You will need to find a happy medium between cluttered and cleared. Think about the items you use every day and include them into the room’s design. If you constantly use a dish rag, buy a cute one and hang it off of your oven’s door handle. 

2. Incorporate a warm color scheme. Warm colors tend to make a room feel more comforting and homey. Try incorporating warm colors into your bigger rooms to make them feel cozier. 

3. Do not leave walls empty. Add pictures of your loved ones, places you have visited, fun artwork, clocks, etc. Decorating your walls helps to bring the space together and adds personality.  

4. Add color and plants. Plants can really liven up your space with their beauty. Place some plants throughout your home to bring some serenity to your space. Also, incorporate pops of color throughout your house to break away from simplicity and boringness. 

5. Make each room different. Your personal style makes the home your own. Try making each room a little different to create the vibe you want you home to have. 

6. Cozy up with candles. There is nothing more “homey” than a good smelling house with some dim-lit candles. Once you add some candles, you will absolutely love the scent that you will always smell when you walk into the room. 

7. Decorate with pillows. A couch can be very simple and plain without pillows or blankets. Plus, it makes the room more cozy for guests when they are sitting on the couch. There is nothing like cozying up with a nice blanket for your home movie night. 


The last step to make a home your own is to get new flooring that you love! We would love to help you choose the perfect flooring for your home. 

2017 Bedroom Trends June 14, 2017

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2017 is the year for bedrooms. From comfort to colors, we have the top seven decorating trends for your bedroom.


2017 Bedroom Trends: 

  1. Sleep in Luxury — How old is your current mattress?  If you have a tough time remembering when you purchased your current mattress, it may be time to purchase a new one.  Once you wake up from a full night’s sleep, you’ll be amazed at how it affects the rest of your day.
  2. Welcome back wallpaper. Homeowners have had a love/hate relationship with wallpaper throughout the decades. But guess what, we love it again!! Wallpaper is officially cool again and here is why: it makes a statement and we LOVE statement walls. Wallpaper can add a classic touch to any room and comes in a variety of designs and styles. It is a great solution when you want an intricate design on your wall and cannot do it with paint. 
  3. All white everything. White is the purest and cleanest color known to man. Decorating with all white furniture, bedding and decor can make a room timeless, clean, and serene. If you are nervous about decorating only with the color white, try adding subtle pops of color throughout the room. The bold colors should be subtle and few, but they will help make a statement in the room. 
  4. Thrift shop finds. If you love “Do It Yourself” projects, you will love thrifting for furniture. The key is to find furniture that can be repurposed. You can paint the thrift furniture bold colors and replace or keep the vintage knobs/handles. The best part is that your finds will be one-of-a-kind. 
  5. Amenities 101. Why is your bedroom only meant to be slept in? There are endless possibilities of amenities you can add to your bedroom. Try adding a study nook or a coffee bar. Who would not love to relax with a nice cup of joe in bed? 
  6. Personalized headboard. We are obsessed with this trend and you will be too because custom headboards are timeless pieces. This is another DIY project, but the results are well worth the effort you put forth. From bookcases to cushioned headboards, the possibilities for your headboard are endless. Just make sure that your headboard ties in well with the rest of the room’s style. 
  7. Metallic accents. Gold, silver, and rose gold can be luxurious decorative pieces easily added to your space. Designers recommend using these pieces wisely because you do not want to go overboard with metallic decorations. 


Finish your bedroom off with the perfect flooring from us. We would love to help you create the perfect space for yourself this year. Contact us or visit us our showroom for more information and pricing. We cannot wait to see how you transform your bedroom!