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Should You Update Your Bathroom? July 28, 2015

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When making updates to your bathroom it may not be clear where to start or what changes are the most important to make. But there are a few key elements to keep in mind when you are redoing your bathroom and as long as you stick to those, the rest will feel like a breeze and should fall into place rather easily.


First and foremost, let’s go back to the basics. That means paying attention to the lighting in your bathroom. First you should consider how much natural lighting your bathroom takes in especially in the morning and evening. If you have plenty of it, then you can place lighting in fewer places. If you have less of it then you will want to think strategically about adding mirrors and lights to your bathroom so that it is optimally illuminated when you need it the most.


Next you want to think about whether or not your floor needs to be replaced. If you are happy with what you have already then you can move on from here. However, don’t forget how important your bathroom is to the resale value of your home. Replacing the floor is a great way to improve the home value, and is a perfect way to update your bathroom. You can add pops of color with a creative pattern or create a more upscale feel with a marble or granite countertop.


Take stock of whether your bathroom cabinets need updating. You might even add extra cabinets it you didn’t have adequate storage space to begin with. Consider the overall design of your bathroom and think about if a darker or lighter wood is the best option.


These are just a few things to consider when you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom. The most important thing you will do is deciding what exactly you want to update, and how you want to update it ahead of time. Once you have an idea of what changes you will be making, the process becomes an exercise in design taste.  If you have any questions, feel free to talk to us about your dream bathroom!

Beautiful Backsplash July 20, 2015

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Adding a backsplash to your kitchen is a great way to add style and personality to what otherwise might be a bland painted area between your cabinets and countertops. Oftentimes kitchens lack in uniqueness because they fall flat with monochrome color schemes and a lack of decoration. With the right backsplash, you can liven up your kitchen’s design with the added utility of protecting your kitchen’s walls.


Design aside; a kitchen backsplash will make your life much easier. Between cooking and serving food, there are all manners of food and debris that end up splashed across your kitchen wall. A backsplash will be simple to clean—most materials that are used in a backsplash are easily wiped clean and will save you time and hassle after a big meal.


Backsplashes also provide you with an endless array of design options. When using tile you will be presented with almost any style and color that can be arranged into a myriad of patterns to achieve the desired affect.


If you are looking for a more modern design, you might opt to use a black and white design for your backsplash. Perhaps you are looking for something more unique—if this is the case, an unusual tile pattern is also another option. One unique arrangement is using accent tiles to create a visual focal point.  This design looks striking with dark woods and oversized kitchen appliances.


If you want more a more traditional backsplash then neutral tile is your friend. Your options are endless, and can range from a simple, single color design to a more intricate mosaic. If you are looking for ease in cleaning and an endless variety of choices, tile is the clear winner! Make sure that you correctly seal your backsplash so that water damage doesn’t ruin it over time.  My Big Bob’s can help you select the best options. 


Truly, your choices for a backsplash are endless. They make it easy to clean food that spatters during cooking, and can add to your kitchen’s design without having to go overboard with decorations—something extremely important in a room that requires a lot of real estate dedicated to cooking utensils and electronics. 

6 Ways to Simplify Your Life So You Can Enjoy It More July 17, 2015

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It’s been found that the more complex and demanding our lives are the less able we are to enjoy them. Living a satisfying existence can be greatly influenced by the act of simplification. But how does one accomplish this in the midst of a very hectic world? By pairing things down one at a time until you like you can breathe your day more easily. Try these six tips! 

  1. Let go of the past. Holding on to it is an energy vampire; it also fatigues your mind’s ability to regulate emotions that currently need to be watched over. If you try to do them both at the same time you’ll quickly notice that you feel depleted. Let it go.
  2. Need less and appreciate more. Rather than constantly ruminating about how great your life will be once you are living it in its ideal state, be grateful for the state it’s in today. When you always feel like you need more life seems more complicated and frustrating. Have goals but don’t live in a vacuum with them.
  3. Sever relationships with toxic people. It’s very simple. People are either adding to or detracting from your life. The parting of ways doesn’t have to be horribly unpleasant but it does need to be emphatic. You’ll be amazed by how much simpler your life is when you don’t allow others to drain you.
  4. Turn off your cell phone and all electronics for at least one hour each day. Silence truly is golden when it comes to experiencing a sense of simplicity in your life. Remember, there was a time when no one could be reached immediately from anywhere around the world, and the world survived just fine. Your life will also move along just fine if you can’t be immediately reached for one hour each day.
  5. Learn to say NO. If something is clearly going to negatively affect your life or impair your ability to fully and simplistically live it, the answer is no. Just plain NO. The more you say the easy it will become to say it again and again as needed.  
  6. Eradicate the idea of perfectionism. You are never going to do things perfectly. Never ever. Be done the notion by accepting that’s its positively silly and ridiculous to think otherwise. 

How To Create the Perfect Start To Each Day – Part 3 July 10, 2015

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Part 3 – Get your mind right

In this final post about ways to start your day we’ll discuss giving your brain the boost it needs to be your greatest ally throughout the day.

Make time for meditation. Yes, yes, we know! Holding still and meditating in today’s fast paced lifestyle feels nearly impossible. But starting your day with a quick mediation can positively affect everything that follows. No need to be an expert or take a class! There are now very easy-to-use apps that will walk you through a 2, 5, or 10 minute meditation that will work just fine.

Eat breakfast, and make it healthy. Feed your body and mind. You’ve heard this a million times. But just do it!

Listen to an inspiring or motivating video. YouTube has made it possible to access more content than we could have ever imagined. A significant portion of it is very beneficial to controlling the course of your day where your mindset is concerned. The most important aspect of this is that it allows you to source strength and positive energy from someone other than yourself. Even the strongest person benefits from hearing encouraging and informative words from others so don’t skip this. Even if you don’t have much time, some videos are as short as 3-4 minutes, yet still do the job quite well!

Spend some time on your appearance no matter how laid back your plans are for the day. It’s easy to skip the effort to look good on days when it’s possible to do so. However, when you feel like you look good you automatically do better at life. You certainly don’t have to be the bell of the ball to go to the grocery store, but you’ll function better overall if you get things done while feeling confident.

Our last piece of advice is to get started tomorrow! If you can dramatically change how great your day is, why wait? Leave us a comment and let us know about your successes.

How To Create the Perfect Start To Each Day – Part 2 July 1, 2015

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Part 2 – Getting up and running

Now that you know how to set yourself up for success let’s take a look at how to get yourself moving!

Skip the excessive snooze button marathon. Yes that extra bit of sleep feels more luxurious because it seems like you’re stealing it. However, the human body operates on what’s known as the circadian rhythm. Within it the body goes through several levels of sleep. Right before it’s time for us to wake up we enter the lightest sleep state so that we can transition into waking.

Over-using the snooze button confuses the body a great deal. Rather than stay in a waking state it thinks you’re starting the cycle all over again and begins to drop back into heavier sleep states. This is why when you over-sleep you often feel for the balance of the day like you “just can’t seem to wake up today!” To give your body the best chance for a feeling well rested throughout the day, wake up when it’s time to wake up.

Start with physical fitness but take the liberty of letting that be something you’ll actually look forward to. In other words, if going for a run at 6:00 a.m. sounds like your idea of a punishment, then avoid it. The purpose of the early morning movement is simply to get your blood flowing so that lots of oxygen makes it way to all the regions of your body, especially your brain. Some basic stretching or body flow will do the job just fine. The benefit of something like this is that you can do it in your pajamas at home while you’re still having your first cup of coffee.

You might be surprised to discover that you will actually look forward to it every day because it won’t seem too demanding. As part of your night-before routine set out the things you’ll need to get right to it before you’ve even had time to think of an excuse not to.

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How To Create the Perfect Start To Each Day June 25, 2015

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Part 1 – Ahead of time

We all have different ways of tackling the day and you may have already discovered a formula that ensures you can give your best. Many of you, though, are probably relying on a less than systematic way to start your day. The alarm goes off, maybe you’ve snoozed your way through too much of it and you have to leap out of bed at mock speed and maintain that frantic pace all morning in order to meet your obligations. Or perhaps you get up on time but you don’t have a method for centering yourself and setting your intentions for the day.

If this is the case, even the most well intended day can get easily derailed. To increase your joy, productivity and peace we recommend trying to establish a morning routine that grounds you and positively influences all of the hours to follow! It takes some effort to learn it and maintain it, but it’s well worth it. When you start your day in a sane and grounded way you are more efficient and effective, and you’ll likely even have more fun.

Start getting up one 30-60 minutes earlier than usual. Yes, this will likely require you to also go to sleep that much earlier as well because getting less rest is not the goal. But by getting up a little earlier you can ensure that you will always have enough time do your morning ritual without feeling rushed. In general, people who start a little earlier just so they ground themselves are happier throughout the day.

Set yourself up for the best possible morning by accomplishing things the night before. Preset the coffee pot so the coffee is ready and entices you to get out of bed. Set out your clothes and things like keys, sunglasses, and so forth so everything is super easy.

Decide ahead of time to entirely avoid electronic communication such as email and social networking until after your whole morning ritual is complete. The point is to create a space for you to prepare for the day, not start it!

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Recommended Paint Sheens and Brushes For Each Room In the House Part 2 June 20, 2015

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Part 2 – Primer and Brushes

In Part 1, we discussed all of the possibilities you can consider when painting a particular part of the house. Now that you have a good idea of how to choose a paint sheen, let’s move on to the use of primers and brushes.  

How to determine if you need to use a primer.

  • Water test –  spray water on an inconspicuous area on the wall, if it absorbs quickly you will need a primer; if it beads and rolls down, primer not likely needed
  • Not sure if latex or alkyd paint is on the wall? Try the nail polish remover (acetone) test – apply to a cloth use circular motion to wipe the wall a small, inconspicuous part of the wall, if the paint comes off it’s latex; if it doesn’t transfer to the cloth it is alkyd; if you want to apply a latex paint over an alkyd coating, you will need a primer
  • Also consider using primer if you are combating difficult stains (water marks, smoke, oil residue)
  • You very likely also need a primer if  you  are painting an light color over a very dark color

Which brush to use

  • 2 ½” angle brush to cut-in the walls, this means painting the edges and corners before painting the rest of the wall
  • Use a roller once cutting-in is complete
  • When using a latex based paint, don’t use natural bristle hair brush, this makes it difficult to paint, use synthetic or nylon
  • Use a foam brush or roller for very smooth surfaces
  • The type of roller will vary by the smoothness or roughness of the wall (substrate)
  • For smoother walls use a shorter nap 3/16” or 3/8” roller
  • For semi-rough and plaster walls use 1/2”+ nap

Which rooms are you currently painting?  What is your favorite kind of brush?

Recommended Sheens and Brushes For Each Room In the House June 13, 2015

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Part 1 – Paint Sheens

Taking on the project of painting is rather daunting! It requires a LOT of planning, preparation, and work. However, it can save you quite a bit of money so it’s an idea worth exploring. 

As a rule, the overall durability of paint is usually correlated to the sheen. More sheen typically equates to higher durability. In large part because walls get dirty and need to be cleaned, and high sheen paints are much easier to take care of in high traffic areas in the house. Basically, if you think you’ll be needed to scrub and remove stains on a regular basis, you should always be considering a satin or semi-gloss sheen.

That said, the type of paint to use can also be easily broken down by room or project. There are some premium quality paints out there with durability so advanced that they resist wear and tear in all sheens. But if you’re not ready to pay top dollar for the king of paints, follow this basic guide and you should do just fine!

  • High Traffic Areas – Satin, Semi-Gloss
  • Ceilings – Flat, except bathrooms, kitchen, and kids rooms where gloss would be better
  • Bathrooms and Kitchens – Semi Gloss and Mildew Resistant, either a specific paint and sheen within a brand, or some brands have mildew resistance available in all sheens
  • Interior Trim and Accents – Satin and Semi Gloss
  • Cabinetry – Satin, Gloss, Semi Gloss
  • Furniture – Satin, Gloss, Semi Gloss, High Gloss, if there is an existing coat of paint or varnish, you will likely need to sand and prime, and ensure it fully cures before resuming normal use
  • Exterior Trim – Semi Gloss, Gloss
  • Exterior – Flat, Satin
  • Flawed walls – flat hides problem areas best, higher sheen will emphasize them

Tell us what areas you’ve found gloss paint to be most useful!

Essential Steps To Make The Perfect Bed June 2, 2015

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Oh how beautiful the beds in catalogs are! You know, the catalogs that feature page after page of the perfect looking bed. The one that is so inviting you wish you could jump right into the pages and land on the glorious pillows and covers. But once you’re done perusing the photos, and you walk into your bedroom you think, “Well, at least the sheets are clean and the bedspread isn’t wadded up on the floor!” It’s time for a change. Take that ideal bed out of the pages of a catalog and make it your own. We’ve got the few tips you need to pull it off like a pro. Here’s how:

  1. A perfect bed starts with a perfect mattress.  Remember that one-third of your life is spent here!
  2. Buy good sheets! Yes, we know, they aren’t flashy and fun like a new comforter, but you simply cannot have the perfect bed without good sheets. You likely already know about thread count, but it’s not the only important factor. Buy high quality, natural fibers. No synthetics. Find a cotton blend that is excellent quality, such as Egyptian, and combine that with a decent thread count. Your bed will feel just like a fancy hotel, and the bonus is that good cotton sheets will also wear in and get softer over time.
  3. Own at least two sets of sheets for your bed, when you’re budget allows for it. They’re like clothes for your bed and you don’t own just one outfit right?
  4. Purchase three more layers: quilt/coverlet, bedspread/comforter, duvet. It’s so fun to do this part of the shopping!
  5. Once your sheets are on the bed, lay the quilt or coverlet on top.
  6. Then, fold the top sheet and quilt back, 1/4 at the top.
  7. Next, fold the duvet in thirds and lay it across the bottom of the bed. Pretty!
  8. Buy pillows. Don’t hold back. Buy good ones, and buy pretty ones. It’s a bedroom for goodness sake! You need: Pillows in pillow cases, euro shams, and decorator pillows. Stack from back to front – pillow case, sham, decorator. Two rows for a queen bed and three rows for a king bed.
  9. Mix up textures and patterns. Give your bed a 3-D look by using obvious texture. Such as, a faux fur pillow and a ruched bedspread. If you mix patterns, use different scales. So, for instance, mini gingham and a medium scale paisley. One is a smaller pattern than the other and this makes it look interesting!

Memorial Day Remembrance May 25, 2015

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We would like to thank each and every man and woman who has given everything for our country.  Thank you.