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Carpet Steam Cleaning January 30, 2014

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whycarpet2Are you one of those people that wonders “Do I REEEAAALLLYY need to steam clean my carpet? You have two things to decide before you clean your carpets: Will you use a dry—or steam-cleaning process? And will you do the work yourself or hire a professional? (Hint: Hint: Whether to do it or not shouldn’t be an option – only what method you choose!)

When it is done properly, steam cleaning is probably your best choice, especially since it is the method most often recommended by carpet manufacturers. “Done properly” means that whoever does the cleaning has training appropriate to your carpet. It also means that the equipment used is in good working order and also appropriate for your carpet. Probably most important is to insure that the vacuum works properly. A good truck-mounted vacuum will generally remove up to 95% of the water used to clean your floor. This dramatically increases the effectiveness of the cleaning and shortens the drying time.

You’re probably going to be better off hiring a professional, who uses a truck-mounted steam unit. In order for steam to reach your carpet, it has to start at around 250 degrees at the source. Most home use machines, either for rent or purchase, just don’t have the capacity to heat the water enough or remove adequate liquid from the carpet. At best, they are good for rapid response spot cleaning. Overwetting, which can easily occur with inexperienced operators can cause backing separation and leave unsightly wrinkles. Why take that risk?!?

Lastly, remember that all the cleaning solvents must be rinsed well and completely removed. Residues left in the carpet will very likely accelerate future soiling.

Take care of your carpet and it will save you time, money and effort in the long run!

The Wingback Chair January 25, 2014

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Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 11.04.44 AMA pair of wingback chairs flanking a fireplace is a classic look. The wingback chair is a design icon that has been around for four centuries. First designed as a fireside chair, the “wings” kept the heat from escaping when faced towards the fireplace.  Throughout the centuries these chairs have been mainstays in design throughout Europe and America.  As with all furniture forms, there has been evolution in style and materials, but the essential shape and wings remain strikingly similar to the originals.

Wingback chairs may be a traditional form but there are modern and contemporary interpretations of these iconic chairs.  Materials used in wingback upholstery range from leather, which gives them the look of club chairs, to floral, solids and menswear inspired plaids and tweeds. There is something masculine about a wingback chair that works well with menswear fabrics.

You could go traditional and place your wingback chairs in front of the fireplace in a cozy living room. Paired with a traditional patterned area rug, wingback chairs give a room the feeling of a library or men’s club. Wingback chairs can also be used as dining room chairs for a modern play on a traditional form. Because of their straight backs, traditional wingbacks aren’t the most comfortable chairs for lounging. Modern and contemporary versions are more comfortable and relaxed.

The wingback chair is a great choice for traditional, transitional or modern styles. Find the right version and upholster it to suit your taste and you’ll have a chair that is timeless.

It’s that Time of Year Again January 15, 2014

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Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 12.06.45 AMThe holidays are over. Some of us are glad about that and some of us want the party to continue. Regardless, a new year has started and with the New Year comes making resolutions.

While we may start the year with the best of intentions, many of us will have broken our new years resolution after two weeks into the New Year. What is the secret to keeping a resolution? Maybe making none at all. Just kidding. According to the experts there are several ways for you to stay on track with losing weight, getting in shape, spending more time with your kids, running a marathon etc.

The first step is to stop thinking in terms of ending a bad habit. Rather, think about how you can learn something new. For example, if you want to lose weight, think about learning how to make healthier recipes at home.

Also, do you really want to lose weight, run a marathon or quit drinking? If you don’t really want to – you won’t. If a resolution is something you “should” do, maybe you should give it up and focus on something you WANT to do.

At some point you will fail. You may start off the year going to the gym, throwing that pack of cigarettes in the trash or running a mile everyday, but inevitably you will eat a doughnut, sneak a smoke and skip your workout. That’s ok. Remember when you were learning to walk, well maybe you don’t, but the point is you fell. A lot. Don’t give up. You’re not perfect. In fact, you may learn more from your failures than from your successes.

Finally, make yourself accountable. If you publicly state that you want to lose 25 pounds it is a great motivator to stay on track.

Good luck!!

Design Spotting: East Meets West January 9, 2014

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21873313_SAsian design has been influencing western design for hundreds of years since Marco Polo first went East. The fascination for Chinese porcelain, Japanese Silks and Korean pottery has a long tradition in Europe as well as America.  Chinese porcelain was imported by the English and Dutch for years before a European was able to crack the formula for making porcelain. Silk has long been the fabric of nobility and royals in both fashion and the home.  Beautiful blue and white pottery has long influence decorating palettes in both Europe and America.

The West meets East design influence not only is seen in porcelain and fabric but furniture as well. Thomas Chippendale, the famous English cabinetmaker, created a style of furniture known today as Chinese Chippendale for its incorporation of design details and elements from the Far East.

Japanese Zen inspired decors today that feel very contemporary are just the latest in a long line of interiors influenced by the East.  Many of the elements in these contemporary Zen rooms have been around for centuries: shoji screens; lacquer; bamboo flooring; rice paper lanterns; and low profile seating and tables.

These Eastern influences can be seen in Chinese carpets as well as rugs woven in the mountains of Nepal and Tibet.  Stylized floral patterns inspired by poppies, peonies and the chrysanthemum decorate area rugs woven from silk or a blend of silk and wool.

No matter if your decor style is traditional or transitional there are beautiful accents and furnishings from Asia that can add a stylish touch of the Far East to your décor.

2014: Happy New Year! January 1, 2014

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Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 3.08.12 PM


Wishing you a very happy new year from all of us here at Big Bob’s Yuma!  Now, we know that this is the time of year to make resolutions you want to see happen throughout 2014.  Why not add your home to your list of resolutions this year?!  You can turn a room you don’t care for too much in your home into something that you’re going to love and spend time in.

We have a special going on right now that would be perfect for one of your home resolutions.  It’s the BIG New Year Sale!  Here is what it includes:

For more information about this sale or other products, visit our website here.

Happy Holidays! December 24, 2013

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Holiday Gift Giving December 9, 2013

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8153463_SDid you brave Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday? Are you completely finished holiday shopping or have you not even started yet? Well don’t worry, you still have time before gifts have to be wrapped and under the tree.

Make a list – this will help you get organized and save you money. Once you know what everyone wants you can plan your trips to the mall, or bundle shipments on websites if you plan to Internet shop.

Shop early in the day and during the week to avoid crowds, parking lot nightmares and long lines at checkout. If you can, take a day off of work and make holiday shopping a special and fun event.

Instead of purchasing presents for everyone on your list, why not make them a homemade gift? A quick look online for holiday craft ideas will give you plenty of inspiration for doing this. These can be really special presents, as you will have put a lot of time and effort into them, which is something everyone appreciates.

Visit a holiday market. Often times you can find unique ornaments and decorations that you could never get in the mall. Markets are also fantastic places to enjoy time strolling around the stalls, people watching and trying some festive food.

Once you get home with your purchases or they show up in the mail, start wrapping them immediately. This will prevent the late night wrapping marathon that inevitably leads to frustration and bad feelings. You don’t want to be a Grinch.

Decorating Your Porch for the Holidays December 1, 2013

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Thanksgiving is over and the winter holidays are just days away. It’s time to pull out the tree, the lights and the stockings. Outdoor decorating is a great idea too. Instead of just doing the traditional lights on the house why not create a spectacular holiday entrance to your home? Your porch is your canvas – decorate away.



Brainstorm, be creative and envision something magical for this holiday season. We bet you come up with some great decorating ideas.

Happy Thanksgiving November 28, 2013

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Giving thanks to all of you for being a part of our Big Bob’s family! Thank you for incorporating us into your lives.  We hope we’ve made a positive impact in your home.


Playing with Pattern November 19, 2013

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Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 12.29.22 PMNeutrals are popular for wall and upholstery colors because they are easy.  You don’t have to worry about clashing colors and being too bright when you decorate your space with classic neutrals of white, beige, grey and brown.  Monochrome décor in one shade or a tonal color scheme, such as in this room, means creating interest with texture and pattern instead of bright colors.

This living room is a great example of neutral décor. The walls, chair, and sofa are in light shades of neutral beige. These colors will never go out of fashion or trend.  You can change the look and feel of the room through accessories and if you wanted, spots of color.

In this case instead of pops of color being added to the neutral room, patterns are introduced to the room in accessories and accent furniture.  All of these pieces are easier and less expensive to replace than the main seating, the sofa.

Pattern can be all the same or a mixed with scale for added zing. The pattern on the ottomans or poufs is a smaller scale pattern. The accent pillows have a slightly larger scale pattern to balance out the bigger patterns. Keeping all the patterns within the color scheme of the room helps unite the look. A great addition to this room would be an area rug that could help further define the seating area.