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2017 Bedroom Trends June 14, 2017

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2017 is the year for bedrooms. From comfort to colors, we have the top seven decorating trends for your bedroom.


2017 Bedroom Trends: 

  1. Sleep in Luxury — How old is your current mattress?  If you have a tough time remembering when you purchased your current mattress, it may be time to purchase a new one.  Once you wake up from a full night’s sleep, you’ll be amazed at how it affects the rest of your day.
  2. Welcome back wallpaper. Homeowners have had a love/hate relationship with wallpaper throughout the decades. But guess what, we love it again!! Wallpaper is officially cool again and here is why: it makes a statement and we LOVE statement walls. Wallpaper can add a classic touch to any room and comes in a variety of designs and styles. It is a great solution when you want an intricate design on your wall and cannot do it with paint. 
  3. All white everything. White is the purest and cleanest color known to man. Decorating with all white furniture, bedding and decor can make a room timeless, clean, and serene. If you are nervous about decorating only with the color white, try adding subtle pops of color throughout the room. The bold colors should be subtle and few, but they will help make a statement in the room. 
  4. Thrift shop finds. If you love “Do It Yourself” projects, you will love thrifting for furniture. The key is to find furniture that can be repurposed. You can paint the thrift furniture bold colors and replace or keep the vintage knobs/handles. The best part is that your finds will be one-of-a-kind. 
  5. Amenities 101. Why is your bedroom only meant to be slept in? There are endless possibilities of amenities you can add to your bedroom. Try adding a study nook or a coffee bar. Who would not love to relax with a nice cup of joe in bed? 
  6. Personalized headboard. We are obsessed with this trend and you will be too because custom headboards are timeless pieces. This is another DIY project, but the results are well worth the effort you put forth. From bookcases to cushioned headboards, the possibilities for your headboard are endless. Just make sure that your headboard ties in well with the rest of the room’s style. 
  7. Metallic accents. Gold, silver, and rose gold can be luxurious decorative pieces easily added to your space. Designers recommend using these pieces wisely because you do not want to go overboard with metallic decorations. 


Finish your bedroom off with the perfect flooring from us. We would love to help you create the perfect space for yourself this year. Contact us or visit us our showroom for more information and pricing. We cannot wait to see how you transform your bedroom!

Create a Non-Traditional Kitchen May 19, 2017

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These days kitchen designs are no longer simply practical work zones. Yes, they’ve evolved into unique spaces that embrace personal style. If you’re interested in giving your kitchen a facelift or completely remodeling the space, it’s time to think outside the box and get rid of the preconceived notion of what a kitchen should look like. Below are some tips for creating a non-traditional kitchen.


  • Play with color

When designing a kitchen, many homeowners tend to stick to neutral and wood tone colors. However, a modern kitchen doesn’t shy away from bold colors. You can consider painting the kitchen an attractive color. Go the extra mile by changing up the floor design. Don’t limit yourself to monotonous vinyl or laminate flooring. You can install tile flooring with playful patterns. 


  • Mix up the layout

Create a patchwork design in your kitchen by mixing up the layout. Opt out of the traditional island that takes up a large amount of space. Instead, break up different areas of the kitchen. For instance, you can separate the cooking station, cleaning and eating area.


  • Metallic finishes

Looking for a subtle way to make a dramatic statement? Metallic finishes are a great way to add style to your kitchen. Some examples of metallic finishes are copper, rose gold and brushed brass. Try to steer clear from traditional silver metallic finishes. Use metallic finishes on your cabinet knobs, lighting fixtures, and faucets. To create a seamless balance, mix up metallic colors in your design.


  • Creative Storage

Get rid of clunky old cabinetry. In fact, you can consider alternative storage solutions. For an open concept kitchen design, a long ledge that extends the length of the island is a creative idea.  Another alternative is wood or glass shelving units installed in replacement of upper kitchen cabinets.


  • Update kitchen utilities

You can’t have a modernized kitchen with old utilities. Therefore, it’s time to get rid of the old chunky refrigerator and opt for something sleek with cool features. Also, induction stoves have become increasingly trendy and there also much more attractive.


Creating a Kid-Friendly Home April 20, 2017

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Do you remember that one room that you was forbidden to enter when you were a kid? It was the expensive upholstery and the delicate collectibles that made the space off limits. If you have children or if you’re planning on starting a family in the near future, no doubt it’s important to design a home that’s kid friendly but embraces a more sophisticated style. The key is to find a middle ground.


Before you begin the decorating process, it’s important to first consider the everyday demands of your family. Are your children a bit older or do you have toddlers? Yes, you’ll have to take into consideration the indoor basketball games and food stains. You can even get the kids involved in the decorating process by asking for their input. After all, this is a home that the whole family will reside in.


Select Indestructible Materials When Appropriate

When designing your home to be resilient you should choose materials that are durable and of high quality.


Start off by protecting the walls in your home. Anyone who has children knows that walls always take a beating. Yes, walls can serve as a canvas for crayons and a baseboard for soccer practice. Therefore, try selecting paint that can be easily wiped clean.


For areas of the home that experience heavy traffic, you should opt for flooring that doesn’t require intensive maintenance to look presentable. Laminate, tile, and linoleum are examples of types of flooring that can stand the test of time while complimenting the decor of your home, while wall to wall carpeting can cushion falls it can be difficult to keep clean. However, if you prefer to use carpeting in areas of the house opt for medium to dark hue carpets.


Place Accessories At Least 45 Inches From The Floor

Your precious collectibles, pretty vases, and iron picture frames should be placed out of reach. Safeguard accessories by placing them atop the fireplace, cabinets, and armoire.  Be sure to allocate a space for the children in key locations of the house such as the kitchen and living room area.


When children are a part of the equation you can expect fun and laughter, but also mishaps and mistakes. Therefore, you should plan ahead for it. Keep cleaning products handy and take protective measures where possible.



Combining Blue and White in the Bedroom March 24, 2017

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Nothing beats the combination of blue and white when decorating a master bedroom. The beautiful balance of feminine and masculine colors comes together to create a calming environment that you will be more than happy to escape to when the day is through.


There’s nothing quite like taking a crisp white bedroom and injecting color into it through the addition of beautiful navy accents. This can be done through a plush headboard, throw pillows or a painting with navy as its most prominent color.


Soft blues are also welcome if you want to create more of a beachy look. Try a wicker chair in the corner paired with a cushion in an abstract floral pattern. A light blue accent wall can also be a great way to bring focus to some of your framed vacation photos or shelved souvenirs.  Natural wood accents work well here.


Be sure to choose a shade of blue that works well with your furniture and don’t feel like you need to stay solely within the blue and white color scheme. Incorporating other items of color throughout the room will benefit the space by creating areas for the viewer’s eye to rest while still keeping your blues and whites dominant.


Ceiling length blue curtains connect well with a blue area rug extending from beneath the bed frame to help break up white walls and bedspread. Don’t be afraid to work with bolder patterns to keep the room looking interesting. Choose a central pattern and work from there to prevent overwhelming the space with contradictory elements.


Play with texture. Now that you have your colors, pair sleek furniture with a plush throw blanket or textured curtains with a bare white wall. Not only do you want to see the color scheme, you want to feel it too. If you have hardwood floors, use a shag rug to warm it up. Glass lamps can be glammed up with patterned lampshades. Blue and white flowers in a vase next to the bed also adds a nice touch.


This is your sanctuary at the end of the day, so fill it with all the things that you make you happy. Let your blue and white color scheme become as welcoming as possible through your creative ideas.



How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger February 21, 2017

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While there may be many things that you love about your home, you may have also rooms that are not as large as you would prefer.  Without having to tear down your walls, here are some design tricks you can use to make less spacious areas appear larger than they are.


Color:  Color plays an important part in setting the mood of your home.  Choosing the right hue is your first line of defense when trying to make a room look more expansive than it is.   Plain white is tried and true, but if you want to incorporate a little life into your home, try light and bright colors.  Darker colors tend to make the walls feel closer and more intimate, so steer clear.  Cool, tinted colors like green and blue can give the space a calm look while lighter versions of red, orange and yellow give it more animation.


Mirrors:  Mirrors are often used for their ability to reflect their surroundings, thus making the space they occupy appear deeper than it is.  Large or small, mirrored surfaces on the wall or as a furniture exterior will only serve to benefit the room.  For wall-mounted mirrors, consider using frameless pieces as thick frames can make the glass look too contained and take away some of the effect.  They are also very useful for bouncing off natural or artificial light sources to further assist with expanding the look of the space.


Light:  Light is extremely important to make a room appear larger. Just as dark colors make the walls feel like they are closing in, so does a dark room.  If you are blessed with beautiful natural light, be sure to use drapery that will not block it from entering the space.  This will also make it easier for the mirrors to do their job of making sure that light reaches every surface.  If the room does not have a window or is simply not placed in a good area for full room exposure, installing light fixtures is your next priority.  Since there may not be a lot of floor space to work with, try installing canned lighting in the ceiling, pendant lights or wall sconces. 


Decluttering:  A simple way to make a small space look larger is to keep furnishings and accessories to a minimum.  Use smaller furniture, less random “for decoration only” items and simple wall decorations.  When dealing with limited room, every square foot needs to be purposeful to remain functional.  Adding extra items anywhere in the space will only make it look cluttered. 


Focused Wall Art:  Placing too many frames on the wall will look crowded and disorganized.  If there is a wall you can devote to art, consider a tapestry or a mural.  This keeps your decoration at one item which will have the sole focus and which the viewer’s eye can rest on when they walk into the room.  With this as your focal point, there will be no need for unnecessary accessories.  Just let the artwork shine and your room will too.

Tips for Adding Style to a Teenage Boy’s Room January 25, 2017

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When you pick the clothes off the floor, you may find that there’s so much potential for your son’s room. Yes, designing a teenage boy’s room can be a bit challenging, but it can be done. How can you turn a boy’s room into a space that’s stylish and that he will love? Well, the trick is to decorate the interior based on his hobbies and interests. To pull this off, you’ll need to determine what it is that he loves and how you can develop a design based on this theme.

  1. Your teen’s room should be a refuge and a private space that he enjoys. Below are ten great ideas you can utilize.
  2. You can paint his room his favorite sports team’s colors and dedicate a wall to hanging his favorite player’s jerseys.
  3. Use skateboard is replacement of shelves by mounting them on the walls
  4. Hanging lights around the room that glow when the lights are off
  5. Have cool, dramatic murals painted on each wall in the space to make it pop
  6. Incorporate a small basketball court into the room if there is enough space. You can make this work by installing a basketball basket onto the wall and painting the court on the floor area near it.
  7. Try having a large pop-up mural of his favorite iconic figure. The painting should feel as if the person was in the room.
  8. Build a rock climbing area of the most spacious wall in the room
  9. Mount two large flat screen televisions on to the wall so he can watch both the game as he plays it on his gaming console. This setup can create a cool techy feel.
  10. Let your son graffiti paint a wall and have his friends sign the wall.
  11. Even unique accessories such as pillowcases made from jerseys can add creativity to a teen boy’s room.

The Lifestyle Quiz January 4, 2017

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Need help to design the interior of your home? Well, you should consider completing the online free Lifestyle Interview. The Lifestyle Interview is a short quiz that can assist you in making decisions and selections when it comes to decorating your home. The interview questions encompass a range of topics about your pets, the size of your household, any individual needs as well as your set budget.


The Lifestyle Interview is so helpful because it analyzes your home life. For instance, you answer questions about the ages of your children and the common areas of the home they frequent. Based on your replies, you have suggestions on the best home products you should utilize. It’s essential to answer each question in its entirety because the tips are based solely on them.


You can use the interview process to make design plans for a particular space in your home because it’ll help you give you a starting point. You’ll be able to review possible design selections and ideas on how you can upgrade different features in a room. Such a tool is ideal for individuals who are not savvy when it comes to decorating an interior. Why? The Lifestyle Interview tool decreases most of the guesswork.


Use this tool to determine what type of flooring, cabinetry, and even furniture would look great in a particular space so that you can achieve your desired look. Having the ability to plan ahead can make you the best decisions possible so that you’ll get your money’s worth and you’ll be happy with the results.


Are you ready to take the Lifestyle Interview? Just visit our website today to begin.

Modern Kitchen Flooring Ideas November 30, 2016

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When designing a modern style kitchen, using materials in an unexpected way can set the tone for your space.  This type of decorating is meant to make a statement and showcase your unique style.  The best way to start do that is with your flooring material choice.  It is the foundation of your kitchen’s look and needs some thoughtful consideration.  Here are some suggestions to get you started with your modern look.


Wood-Look Tile

While solid hardwood is a classic choice is many homes, installing this material in the kitchen area can be tricky as it does not stand up to moisture as well as other flooring options.  That’s where wood-look porcelain tile comes into play.  Due to amazing advances in printer technology, the patterns on this printed tile are nearly indistinguishable from hardwood.  Since it is tile rather than wood, the tile is highly resistant to moisture while still giving you the look you want to achieve.  It is also easier to install than hardwood which can be a time-consuming project.  A variety of stains and species are available to coordinate with any colors you have in mind. 



Another option for flooring in the kitchen is laminate.  Just like wood-look tile, laminate is resistant to moisture and will hold up well to the traffic through your space.  The patterns available in laminate have advanced tremendously in recent years with prints that lean towards those copying hardwoods.  The surface of laminate also provides a slightly more forgiving surface than tile, which will help those standing in the space for long periods of time.


Porcelain Tile

This material is one of the best at resisting scratches, stains or chipping.  It’s also one of the best materials to incorporate into any design: modern, rustic, contemporary and so on.  For the best modern look use, large format tiles (think eighteen inches or larger) that have the appearance of another material: concrete, glass, stone.  The unique textures and clean look of these choices will make a statement, while the tile size will reduce grout lines to maximize the space.


With so many choices available it won’t be difficult to find a material that speaks to your style and preferences.  Come visit us today to get started on your modern kitchen look!

Take the Lifestyle Quiz November 5, 2016

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When making upgrades to your home, it can be hard to get your direction decided. Take our lifestyle quiz, a test that you cannot fail (since it’s all about you!) and it will help to get the ball rolling for planning. Answering these questions about your lifestyle, family size, special needs and budget will enable us to narrow down selections that will meet the needs of your family.

Depending on your answers, the interview results will help you determine your needs as they relate to flooring choices and how these needs could be met. It makes suggestions for selections in certain spaces that are used frequently and need to be functional. It also makes decorating and design suggestions that will help you better utilize all areas of the home.

The results are able to narrow down the direction you need to go. By making selections and suggestions for certain areas, you are able to gather a starting point and an end game plan. After taking this interview, much of the guesswork is removed from starting a new project. This quiz asks the right questions for the most important selections, such as flooring, paint, lighting and other key elements of design.

When selections and suggestions are shown in the results, you are also given the reasons why these suggestions were made and how the products are best suited for your lifestyle. Your lifestyle, number of children and pets all differ from other families. The questionnaire can help you prioritize selections and functions of design selections. Results also give a few suggestions rather than a single option.

Our interview is quick and easy. It takes just a few minutes to fill out. Your results will also make furniture buying suggestions; as well as give you maintenance and cleaning tips for your home.

Get your game plan nailed down and make the right choices for your home and family. Never go into a design project blind. Make sure that your investment is made wisely and it will last for years to come!


Four Things Each Week October 8, 2016

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Our lives can quickly become packed full of activities and weekends can feel frantic and rushed.  However, having a set routine can help your weekends to feel calmer and the week to pass more smoothly.  Try the steps below to see if you can gain a few extra calm moments in your week!
  1. Wash your bedding and bathroom towels. This may seem obvious to some, but to others it may seem excessive. However, we spend a third of our day in our beds every day—would you wear your clothes that often without putting them through the wash? It’s just good hygiene and can also help clear up your complexion as old skin cells and oil flake and rub off on your pillowcase every night so washing it weekly should keep any buildup from affecting your skin. Washing your towels this often will keep them fresh and keep away the musty smell that can build up over time. Besides—who doesn’t love a freshly made bed or a fluffy towel everyday?
  2. Clean up your clutter. Again, another one that sounds obvious when you hear it but we all get busy during the week and when the weekend rolls around if we aren’t spending it doing various activities then the last thing we want to do is clean. By committing yourself to cleaning up your clutter once a week you will save yourself from those big overhaul cleans that take all day in the future. 
  3. Budget. Maybe you’ve set up a budget in the past and revisit it once a year. Or maybe you set up a budget and never looked at it again! Either way, budgets will only work for you if you work for them. This means checking it once a week and comparing it to your actual spending habits. Don’t allow yourself to cheat either! That only hurts you. Keeping a responsible eye on your budget will allow you to do the important things with it like save for hard times, put it in your retirement account or pay for that vacation you’ve been wanting to go on.
  4. Meal plan for the week. This is so important and incorporates your budget as well. If you meal plan for each week you are much less likely to waste food as you are only buying what you need for the next three days. You are also much less likely to end up buying whatever random thing you want to eat during the week, leading to healthier food choices. You’re also likely to save some money by not eating out for lunches and dinners because you already have your week’s meals planned out.