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Decorating with Warm Colors September 25, 2015

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Based on color theory, “warm” colors are reds, oranges and yellows. This group of colors promotes happiness, excitement, wakefulness, and appetite. They work the best in active areas, like dining and game rooms.

Warm colors work very well together. This is because they are related colors. Related colors are close to each other on the color wheel. These colors stimulate the brain and encourage a wakeful feeling.

There is an old wives tale stating if you paint your guest room yellow, your guest will not overstay their welcome. This may be because yellow is a wakeful rather than a restful color.  Avoid making this mistake by not painting the walls of any bedroom in a warm color. By using warm colors in restful areas, you are promoting wakefulness.  In a room designed for relaxation, this can lead to a feeling of anxiety.

Be careful painting any room solely in warm colors. It is best to paint an accent wall a warm color, or use the warm colors in smaller doses for accessories.

Warm colors are very successful in dining rooms. These colors stimulate the mind and stomach. Your guest will experience a greater feeling of enjoyment eating in a red dining room than they would in a blue dining room.

Be sure to add warm colors to your game room. Many game rooms are under decorated or are used for extra storage.  Try decorating this room with a color that creates excitement. Consider painting an accent wall in an attention-grabbing shade of a warm color. Add more interest by selecting warm-hued fabric.

Warm colors can be very powerful when used well. Be careful not to overdo a space with these colors. Start out by adding warmth sparingly – you can always add more. When using red, use black as an accent color. Off-white and tan make great accents or base colors for orange. Crisp white will make yellows pop! Just keep in mind when working with warmer colors, less is more.

Don’t Forget to Clean These Everyday Items! September 19, 2015

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Deep cleaning is usually associated with the spring.  However, there is no wrong time to give your home a thorough scrubbing!   While your deep clean is underway, don’t forget to clean these everyday items. The following things are commonly over looked, and get very dirty!

Start with the electronics. Use a cleaning wipe to disinfect the computer keyboard, tablets, cell phones and remote controls. These items have become such a big part of our daily life. We share these items with other members of the family and dirty hands are constantly handling them. However, they should be cleaned more than once a year – try cleaning them at least once a week.

Upholstery and throw pillows attract dust mites, mold and allergens and are constantly in contact with skin and airborne allergens.  You can clean these things best by removing the covers and washing by hand, if the items are washable then allowing them to air-dry – hopefully in sunlight if possible. If the covers are not removable, then use a vacuum cleaning hose.

Disinfect all of the trashcans in the house. The lids and interiors of trash cans harbor germs from the trash they come in contact with. You can clean these out by spraying them down with a hose and dish soap. After they have dried then return them indoors. If you live in an apartment, use disinfecting cleaning wipes on the entire can. Trashcans also should be cleaned more than once a year. Clean trashcans at least every season, to reduce the amount of germs your family comes in contact with.

The coffee pot and its working parts should be cleaned every couple of months. The inside of the machine is usually damp – not a healthy condition. You should run a full pot of white vinegar through the machine to clean the interior, and then place the pot, lid and filter holder in the dishwasher to disinfect.

There are so many things in the home that we use daily and share with the family that are forgotten. Try and stay on top of these dirty items throughout the entire year. Don’t just wait for spring to clean!

Helpful Household Hints September 12, 2015

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Having everyday items around the house that serve more than one purpose is always a plus. Find out what items you already have that can double as cleaning tools. Multiple use items are is great for the environment since you are getting multiple uses out of something you would normally discard after one use.

When you are dealing with broken glass, vacuuming and sweeping may not pick up the little shards that can still hurt you and your family. Collect the large pieces of glass first, then grab a piece of bread from your pantry and pat the area where the glass was broken. The bread acts as a glass magnet and protects your hands. The great thing is it doesn’t matter what kind of bread you use, any kind of bread will work!

Dryer sheets are not just for freshening the laundry. Dryer sheets make excellent dusting sheets. After the sheet has been used in the laundry, put it to another use. Dust and clean your home with dryer sheets. They collect dust and dirt as well as repel dust.

Cleaning glass casserole dishes can be a tough feet. Save your elbow grease and ball up a piece of aluminum foil. Use the foil ball to scrub the dish and watch as the caked on mess comes off. Add a drop of dish soap for the really tough jobs. Do not use this on pots and pans with Teflon, because it will scratch the surface. Don’t bother buying steel wool for dishes anymore, simply keep your trusty foil near the kitchen sink.

Grease stains on the walls no longer require a fresh coat of paint. Simply cover the area with chalk. Wait five minutes then wipe away the stain with a clean damp cloth. This also works on clothing, treat clothes the same as the walls and wash them. Never throw away perfectly good clothing again!

There are no harsh chemicals in any of the tips; a great benefit for our families and environment!

Waste Not Want Not September 2, 2015

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In a world consumed with the idea of being green in order to protect the environment, we’ve all developed the habit of immediately thinking of recycling when it comes to getting rid of things. This is a good thing! However, wouldn’t it be even better if you got paid in the process? Of course it would. Especially if you’re trying to come up with ways to work from home. Check out these three awesome ways to earn a buck with stuff that is taking up space in your life!

Sell some trash

Really, people will pay for your trash? Well, yes, so long as you sell specific items that have reuse value. This might include: magazines, wine bottles and corks, ink cartridges, plastic Coke bottles, moving boxes, food packaging, and coupons. Check out these websites to see if any of them will work for you: InkgetCartridge.com, Ebay, Mycokerewards.com, and BoxQuest.com

Stop the madness of clothes hoarding

Are you a literal closet hoarder of clothing? If so you might find yourself grateful that you haven’t bothered or been able to part with anything for the last few years. There are now companies that will pay you to sell them your clothing. How cool is that? Furthermore, if you’re a designer diva who buys high end garments that would easily be coveted by others, you can actually get a return on your investment by renting your clothes to people. It’s a slightly odd sounding concept but if you no longer wear some amazing garments, and you don’t want to sell them because there’s no way you’d get enough money for it to be worthwhile, you might want consider renting them out. To sell or rent your clothes try sites like: RentNotBuy.com, Tradesy, SnapGoods.com, and Loanables.com.

Turn junk mail into funds

For most people junk mail feels like the bane of our existence. And now, it’s more invasive than ever because it not only arrives by snail mail, it also infiltrates email inboxes. The outcome is a seemingly never ending effort to get rid of it. Rather than recycle it, send it to the virtual trash bin, or throw it away, you can now turn it into money. A company by the name of SBK Center is a market research firm that actually loves to receive junk mail because it’s part of the work they do! They pay with prepaid Visa debit cards too, which is an easy to get an easy to both receive and money.

The Determined DIY Diva – Glam Containers and Snazzy Artwork August 27, 2015

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There’s crafty and then there’s near genius. Crafty is for beginners, right? It’s the phase when you decide you are totally cut out for creating something spectacular on your own. Who needs store bought stuff? Enthusiasm abounds as you race to the store for supplies. But then comes the let down, when this stroke of inspiration is followed by the phase of sad, sorry projects that went awry because you lacked experience. Fear not, though, and try again. A few mistakes are investable but you’ll soon feel like pro once you’ve mastered the skill of DIY. Try these two projects! 

From pickle jar to glamour girl container

Save those jars! You can transform them from vinegar swishing cucumber containers to lovely storage containers that are reminiscent of apothecary jars. Wash the jars well (very well!) with a strong dish detergent and the run them through the dishwasher as many cycles as are necessary to rid them of the pickle smell. Include the lids because they retain the vinegar smell even more than the glass jar.

Then, paint the lids pretty colors using rubber paint. Purchase pretty drawer pulls from the cabinetry section at a store, and use hot glue to attach them to the lids. Try crystal or porcelain pulls because they are feminine, pretty, and classy. All done! Fill them with things like cotton balls or hair ties – anything that will look nice because it will be visible through the glass.

Bleeding hearts art

This project is dazzling when it’s done and it’s so much fun that you’ll feel like you’re back in kindergarten. There is a particular kind of tissue paper that is known as “bleeding tissue paper.” It transfers color when laid atop porous surfaces.

Purchase some in colors your heart most desires. While you’re at the store buy a blank white artist’s canvas. When you get home cut the tissue paper into heart shapes. Wet the canvas with water, lay the tissue paper hearts on it, and gently press them into place. Let it sit overnight and then remove them.

The color and shapes will have transferred to the canvas, at which point you’ll have a lovely piece of artwork. Hang it on the wall and brag to your friends about how terribly difficult it was to create!

How to Rid Your Home of Flies August 20, 2015

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During the spring and summer months, it is natural to open windows and doors. The additional fresh air and sunlight is wonderful to let into the house. 

However flies insist on coming in without being invited. Even if you don’t leave windows or doors open, they somehow find their way in! They are drawn to light, access to food and pleasant conditions indoors. Find out how to deter and kill these pests.

Clean your kitchen thoroughly and often. Flies are drawn to fruit and veggies that have been left sitting out. That is why it is important to never leave dirty dishes with food scraps in the sink. Ensure that all food items are put away and covered. Wipe down countertops to ensure that crumbs are not accessible. Keep garbage covered. It is best to have a trashcan with a lid on it.

Pet food, wet or dry, attracts flies. Cover these dishes if your pet does not finish the food quickly. Make sure that stored pet food is sealed tightly. Keep pet food in a bin if at all possible.

Shut out light. Since flies are attracted to light, darken the house by closing blinds and drapery. Leave one small opening for the flies to exit. They will be attracted to the light coming in and exit the home. If they do not exit, you can swat the flies near the exit quickly and without running around after the pests!

Make a flytrap out of household items. Use a mason jar with a metal lid and poke holes in the top. The holes must be big enough for the flies to enter. These creatures can be lured in but cannot usually fly out. Another option is to use a cup, covered with cling wrap, sealed with a rubber band.  Don’t forget to poke fly-sized holes in the saran wrap! Fill the container half full with apple cider vinegar. Place the jar in an area where you have seen the flies. Once the fly is inside, the vinegar will kill them.

There are many different methods of ridding my home of flies. The above information is a great place to start! Good luck and enjoy a fly free home during the warmer months of the year!

How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep August 14, 2015

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Busy lives mean full schedules and participating in activities. Sometimes it can be difficult to go to bed at the same time every night. However, the benefits of a long and restful night far outweigh the inconvenience of losing an hour or two in the evening.  A full night’s sleep can help you slim down your waist, clear your skin and give you the energy you need during the day.

Night is the time when the body goes into “restore mode”: your skin begins to repair the damage that was done during the day, the digestive track rests and resets itself for the coming day and the mind is allowed to sort the thoughts and experiences from the day, translating them into long term memories. There are ways that you can get your body use to going to sleep and waking up at certain times. You must reset your body clock. Take a look at our suggestions for how to retrain your body!

Sleep with an eye mask on. This completely blocks out light and tells your brain to wind down. Make sure you set an alarm clock since it can be easy to oversleep when wearing an eye mask. There are calming, restful scented eye masks available. Lavender scented masks have a great side effect of calming as you are dozing off.

Take the appropriate steps to make your bed comfortable. If your mattress is lumpy or sags it can be difficult to stay asleep during the night. A comfortable, supportive mattress is necessary. If you need to know what to look for in a mattress, please review our “Before You Buy” post.  Don’t forget to invest in a nice set of sheets.

Make an effort to go to sleep and wake up at the same time. Creating a schedule allows your body to anticipate your wake/sleep cycle and prepare for what is coming next.   Finding your own routine will make it easier to go to sleep at night and you will wake up rested, ready to start your day. Make sure to stick as closely as possible to your established schedule and your body will get use to the particular pattern over time.

If you need any help finding the best mattress for you, feel free to ask at My Big Bob’s!

Teenage Dream: A How-To Decorate Guide August 5, 2015

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Decorating around a theme is often the best way to create a room that is impressive. It provides an easy way to ensure that the room is ‘pulled together’ by way of a common thread. It also helps with decisions such as color selection, accessorizing, and furnishings. Rather than ponder whether or not to buy that amazing couch you just found, you can quickly and confidently say ‘yay or nay.’ Either it works with the theme or it doesn’t!

To make it even easier we are offering our guidelines in short and succinct bulleted lists. We’ve found that when working theme it’s more effective to pick and choose possibilities a la carte. Otherwise you risk ‘overdoing it’ with the theme and end up with a room that might look it belongs in a theme park. Less is more. Lastly, when going about it this way the overall project seems less daunting. Just pick what you like and work it into your plan!

In this installment of our How-To-Decorate series we are going to discuss the fun and excitement that is such a lovely part of the teen years. If you’re decorating a room for a teenage girl, read on. She’ll be your biggest fan when it’s all said and done!

  • Colors: Sky is the limit with a couple of smart considerations

    • However tempted, use their favorite colors instead of yours
    • Consider the rest of your home, ideal scenario is colors they love but that also flow with the rest of the house when the door is open
    • Lighting
      • Lamps that are easily moved around so the whim of a new project or idea is easily lit
      • Durable fixtures that can withstand dance parties and pillow fights
      • Light strings for ambient mood lighting
      • Organizing the space – use the entire space by considering vertical space, for instance an elevated bed with a desk underneath, or stacks of wall shelves
      • Furniture
        • Extra seating for friends, such as a bean bag
        • Small couch or loveseat for lounging space during the time when the bed has been made for the day
        • Canopy bed with side curtains for a sense of a private personal space
        • The walls
          • Nicely framed posters of teen idols
          • Closet doors with mirrors attached , for assessing what outfit to wear for the day
          • Semi gloss paint that is easy to clean
          • The floor
            • Faux fur or shag area rugs
            • Expansive area rugs featuring bold geometric patterns
            • Brightly colored, textured rugs

Should You Update Your Bathroom? July 28, 2015

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When making updates to your bathroom it may not be clear where to start or what changes are the most important to make. But there are a few key elements to keep in mind when you are redoing your bathroom and as long as you stick to those, the rest will feel like a breeze and should fall into place rather easily.


First and foremost, let’s go back to the basics. That means paying attention to the lighting in your bathroom. First you should consider how much natural lighting your bathroom takes in especially in the morning and evening. If you have plenty of it, then you can place lighting in fewer places. If you have less of it then you will want to think strategically about adding mirrors and lights to your bathroom so that it is optimally illuminated when you need it the most.


Next you want to think about whether or not your floor needs to be replaced. If you are happy with what you have already then you can move on from here. However, don’t forget how important your bathroom is to the resale value of your home. Replacing the floor is a great way to improve the home value, and is a perfect way to update your bathroom. You can add pops of color with a creative pattern or create a more upscale feel with a marble or granite countertop.


Take stock of whether your bathroom cabinets need updating. You might even add extra cabinets it you didn’t have adequate storage space to begin with. Consider the overall design of your bathroom and think about if a darker or lighter wood is the best option.


These are just a few things to consider when you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom. The most important thing you will do is deciding what exactly you want to update, and how you want to update it ahead of time. Once you have an idea of what changes you will be making, the process becomes an exercise in design taste.  If you have any questions, feel free to talk to us about your dream bathroom!

Beautiful Backsplash July 20, 2015

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Adding a backsplash to your kitchen is a great way to add style and personality to what otherwise might be a bland painted area between your cabinets and countertops. Oftentimes kitchens lack in uniqueness because they fall flat with monochrome color schemes and a lack of decoration. With the right backsplash, you can liven up your kitchen’s design with the added utility of protecting your kitchen’s walls.


Design aside; a kitchen backsplash will make your life much easier. Between cooking and serving food, there are all manners of food and debris that end up splashed across your kitchen wall. A backsplash will be simple to clean—most materials that are used in a backsplash are easily wiped clean and will save you time and hassle after a big meal.


Backsplashes also provide you with an endless array of design options. When using tile you will be presented with almost any style and color that can be arranged into a myriad of patterns to achieve the desired affect.


If you are looking for a more modern design, you might opt to use a black and white design for your backsplash. Perhaps you are looking for something more unique—if this is the case, an unusual tile pattern is also another option. One unique arrangement is using accent tiles to create a visual focal point.  This design looks striking with dark woods and oversized kitchen appliances.


If you want more a more traditional backsplash then neutral tile is your friend. Your options are endless, and can range from a simple, single color design to a more intricate mosaic. If you are looking for ease in cleaning and an endless variety of choices, tile is the clear winner! Make sure that you correctly seal your backsplash so that water damage doesn’t ruin it over time.  My Big Bob’s can help you select the best options. 


Truly, your choices for a backsplash are endless. They make it easy to clean food that spatters during cooking, and can add to your kitchen’s design without having to go overboard with decorations—something extremely important in a room that requires a lot of real estate dedicated to cooking utensils and electronics.