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Happy Thanksgiving! November 26, 2015

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of our wonderful customers! We are so thankful for all of you!

Thanksgiving Dinner Tips November 20, 2015

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It can be very time consuming and stressful preparing Thanksgiving dinner. Countless trips to the store for food and supplies can really wear on you. Find out ways to make do without having all the supplies you may have forgotten, so you can stay on schedule!

There is no need to buy a baking rack to cook the turkey. You can line the bottom of your pan with thick carrots, to keep the turkey elevated above the pan. This trick is also helpful for flavoring the fat, needed to make the gravy. If you forgot to buy the cheesecloth, there is another way to keep moisture in and add extra savory flavor. Cover the top of the turkey with strips of bacon. As the turkey cooks, the bacon will help keep moisture in, while adding extra flavor to the bird.

Don’t have a sifter? Use a strainer to place the flour in. Stir flour around with a whisk, to force the flour come dusting out of the strainer. While baking pies, do not stress over the crust edging. Grab a string of large pearl costume jewelry and press into the doughy pie crust. This will create the perfect edge. Trim any excess crust off with scissors. Baking can seem difficult, but it can be made easier. Butter is a common ingredient for baked goods and pastry items. Instead of trying to work cold butter into dough, grate it. Use a cheese grater to grate the amount of butter you need.

Fluffy mashed potatoes are easy with baking powder. Add a pinch of baking powder to the mix. The powder will react to the heat and create CO2; which creates the most perfect feathery mashed potatoes. Potatoes can also be peeled and soaked in water for several hours before boiling.  This helps with the crunch on time just prior to serving.  Get little tasks done early!

Try not to stress while creating the massive holiday feast! After all holidays are to be enjoyed with family and friends. Don’t lose sight of the celebration!

Ways to Keep Pumpkins Fresh November 12, 2015

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If you are using pumpkins in your décor throughout Thanksgiving there are ways to keep the fruit fresh. Find out how to keep your pumpkin looking like you just brought it home from the patch! The tips found within this post can also be used on various other types of gourds.

If you are carving or hollowing you will need to treat the inside. After you have carved or hollowed the pumpkin, place it in a bucket, large enough to be submerged in a solution. The solution consists of water and bleach. Add one teaspoon of bleach for each gallon of water. Let the pumpkin soak for about thirty minutes. After you remove it from solution let it drain and dry upside down.

Mix another solution of two tablespoon of vinegar and one teaspoon of lemon juice. You can coat the inside of the pumpkin by brushing the solution on with a paint brush or sponging it on. Treating the gourd in this manner will keep the inside the pumpkin from becoming soft and will keep the fruit looking fresh for several weeks.

The silica packets found in many packaging materials can be placed within the interior of a carved or hollowed pumpkin. Leave the packet intact and do not open it. The silica packet will absorb moisture and inhibit the growth of mold inside the pumpkin. Make sure to keep these from children and pets as they can be harmful if they are swallowed.

Petroleum jelly is perfect for shining pumpkins and other gourds. Be sure and wash or wipe any excess dirt that may be stuck to the pumpkin. Once it is dried, use a paper towel or sponge to apply the petroleum jelly to the exterior. You can even use the jelly on the stem, to bring some color and life back to it. Petroleum jelly is safe to use on the outside of the pumpkin and will create a perfect luster that will last weeks. However, be very careful when moving a pumpkin treated in this manner.  It may fly out of your hands! 

Once the pumpkin has been treated, don’t use it for serving food unless you first line it with a large bowl. Enjoy your long lasting gourd!  

How to Do Laundry with Hydrogen Peroxide November 4, 2015

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Tired of throwing away perfectly good white clothes and linens just because they have yellowed or been stained? Stop the insanity of wasting your whites by incorporating hydrogen peroxide into your laundry care. Here are a couple great ways to get started! 

Yellow stains on white t-shirts

1 part Dawn

2 parts hydrogen peroxide

Baking soda for abrasion – optional

Laundry scrub brush

Mix together Dawn and hydrogen peroxide and pour on stained area. Let it sit for a few minutes. In many cases this is enough to remove the stains, and seemingly right before your eyes! If the stains are particularly stubborn, though, sprinkle a tiny bit of baking soda for abrasion. Gently scrub it into the fabric with a small laundry scrubbing brush, and let it sit for up to an hour. Once stain has been treated, launder as usual and you’ll have tees are like new again. Warning: don’t launder the tees with colored or expensive fabrics that haven’t been tested with the treatment.  H2O2 can have a lightening effect on some garments.

Yellow stains on lace curtains and tablecloths

Wait! Don’t throw out grandma’s lace! It may be old and dingy but it can likely be saved. Just mix 2 cups of 3% full strength hydrogen peroxide a sink full of water. Soak lace for a minimum of one hour and pull out to inspect. Soak longer if necessary, and then rinse with cold water, and air dry. Pretty again! Don’t use this remedy on antique or very valuable lace or tablecloths!  Those should be left to the care of professionals!

An interesting trivia fact: Did you know that your white blood cells actually produce H2O2 to help combat infection and disease? Yep, they do!

What are your laundry tricks using hydrogen peroxide? Share with a comment!

Want It, Need It, Gotta Have It! October 27, 2015

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Trendy Fall Wreath Ideas October 20, 2015

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This time of year is a popular one to hang a fall themed wreath, from the beginning of October through the Thanksgiving Holiday. This year, there are some key elements that are being found in fall wreaths. If you are making your own wreath, make sure to read below!

Burlap is a popular material this year. This material offers a rustic feel and can be used many different ways. You can wrap the burlap around the wreath to create a back ground. Burlap can also be used to make bows. When using this element, make sure you use other items with bright fall colors, such as orange or red. There should be a noticeable contrast between the burlap and other wreath materials.

White is a trending color this fall. White pumpkins and gourds are being used everywhere to decorate for fall and are especially beautiful in wreaths. This color helps the earth tones and fall foliage colors pop creating contrast within the color scheme.

Orange berries are being seen quite a bit this fall. When they are used in wreaths, they are typically paired with burlap for contrasting textures. The berries can be used as the singular focal piece of the wreath or they can be incorporated with other types of fall foliage.

Fall colored faux hydrangeas are a wonderful addition in fall décor. These are used in orange, yellow, brown and cream. These faux flowers can be found almost anywhere floral supplies are sold and can be reused in the years to come.

Letters are also making an appearance in wreaths this fall. The letter can stand for the first letter of the family’s last name, the first name of an individual, or even the town or state of residence. The easiest way to integrate this into a wreath is to use a large, wooden letter (these can also be purchased where crafts supplies are sold). Paint the letter a seasonal fall color; brown, charcoal, orange, red or cream. This element should also contrast with the other contents of the wreath.

Whatever direction you decide to take; your fall wreath décor should be a fun activity that is enjoyed throughout fall! Happy crafting!

Washi On, Washi Off! Why Washi Tape is Such a Hot Commodity in the World of DIY Home Décor October 14, 2015

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Are you familiar yet with washi tape? This stuff is fabulous and it has taken off like wildfire in the world of DIY divas. It’s exceptionally versatile, very cost effective, and the possibilities are seemingly endless. It comes in nearly every color of the rainbow, and that includes patterns.

So, what is it exactly? Well the simplest way to describe it is to compare it to masking tape, except that it is much, much prettier. It’s made of paper but it is surprisingly strong. If you’re a green minded person, meaning, you’re a fan of respecting the environment you’ll be pleased to know that washi tape is typically made of natural fibers. These include the bark of trees native to Japan, bamboo, and/or hemp.

Initially washi tape was only found in specific places such as store dedicated to crafting, but as mentioned, its vast popularity has changed the game. It is now easy to find it everywhere from stores to online sites. It is sold in varying widths so it’s easy to find a size that is to the scale of your project. If you buy a single roll without a discount or coupon it cost on average $5. However, it is now widely available in really cool mixed and matched collections that are so fun to buy that you could easily end up with more washi tape than you’ll ever have time to use! Bigger collection typically run between $35 – $45.

Now that you know the basics about washi tape you’re probably wondering how you can use it to decorate the house. The possibilities are vast, but one of the ideas we love the most is using to create wall art. Washi tape is easy to remove so it’s less permanent than paint and it’s a lot less messy. It’s also less expensive than premade oversized wall art decals. All you have to do is imagine a design or pattern, (such as a wall full of criss-cross X’s,) use a pencil to mark the position of the design elements, and then adhere the washi tape. The best part? If you don’t like the outcome or you eventually want change things up, no problem. Simply remove it and start over.

Currently! October 7, 2015

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The Determined DIY Diva – Flower Power Ombre Artwork October 2, 2015

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Learning how to DIY around the house is challenging work. Especially in the beginning when you feel clueless. Some people give up in exasperation because they are certain they’ll never master the skills. But then there’s those who won’t take no for an answer – those of you who are determined to become the diva of DIY. If that’s you, you will love this project idea. It’s stylish and sassy and when you complete it your arm will be sore from patting yourself on the back!

This project is not only beautiful, it’s also wonderfully modern and very of the moment in décor! It’s super easy to do at a very minimal cost. Purchase a blank artist’s canvas. No need to buy the top quality version because you’re just going to “destroy” it with glue and paint anyway. However, caution against buying the cheapest canvas because it won’t be strong enough to withstand the treatment. Somewhere in the middle is fine. You’ll also need to purchase fake flowers. The colors don’t really matter because you’re going to paint them, but lighter colors are generally easier to paint. Focus mainly on the shape of flowers that you like. A sunflower looks a lot different than a rose and so forth.

Take the loot home and use hot glue to attach as many flowers to the canvas as will fit. It should look like a lush patch of flowers in a forest, not a sad, sparse cluster of a few flowers. Once all of the flowers are on and the glue has cooled and set, use three coordinating colors to spray paint it. The goal is an ombre blend, so one possible pretty combination is lavender, iris, and aqua. Spray in three sections, lavender at the bottom, iris in the middle, and aqua at the top. Let it dry and hang it on the wall. If you’re a true lover of glamour, top coat it with a layer of silver glitter spray paint.

Decorating with Warm Colors September 25, 2015

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Based on color theory, “warm” colors are reds, oranges and yellows. This group of colors promotes happiness, excitement, wakefulness, and appetite. They work the best in active areas, like dining and game rooms.

Warm colors work very well together. This is because they are related colors. Related colors are close to each other on the color wheel. These colors stimulate the brain and encourage a wakeful feeling.

There is an old wives tale stating if you paint your guest room yellow, your guest will not overstay their welcome. This may be because yellow is a wakeful rather than a restful color.  Avoid making this mistake by not painting the walls of any bedroom in a warm color. By using warm colors in restful areas, you are promoting wakefulness.  In a room designed for relaxation, this can lead to a feeling of anxiety.

Be careful painting any room solely in warm colors. It is best to paint an accent wall a warm color, or use the warm colors in smaller doses for accessories.

Warm colors are very successful in dining rooms. These colors stimulate the mind and stomach. Your guest will experience a greater feeling of enjoyment eating in a red dining room than they would in a blue dining room.

Be sure to add warm colors to your game room. Many game rooms are under decorated or are used for extra storage.  Try decorating this room with a color that creates excitement. Consider painting an accent wall in an attention-grabbing shade of a warm color. Add more interest by selecting warm-hued fabric.

Warm colors can be very powerful when used well. Be careful not to overdo a space with these colors. Start out by adding warmth sparingly – you can always add more. When using red, use black as an accent color. Off-white and tan make great accents or base colors for orange. Crisp white will make yellows pop! Just keep in mind when working with warmer colors, less is more.