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Interior Trends for 2016 January 29, 2016

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This is the year for the statement “Out with the old, in with the new” to take flight. 2016 is a modern time for modern elements and interiors. Find out what design elements will be trending this year, as Millennials really penetrate the real estate and design markets.

 The hottest colors of the year are bold “citron” and “mustard”, as well as calming “serine blue” and “rose quartz”. The citron and mustard breathe freshness into color palettes this year. The calming serine blue is a grayish blue that is not over powering. It is not a bright blue; but more like a neutral type of blue. The rose quartz is a light and airy shade of rose. It is a light earth tone of rose. It adds a calming yet uplifting effect when used as a paint color or fabric choice.

Velvet is the choice when selecting a solid fabric this year. It adds a layer of texture, even though it comes in the form of a solid. Velvet is a classic and is transforming a modern feel, when paired with unexpected textiles, such as patent leather! Velvet adds a luxurious feel to any application.

A new type of lighting making a debut this year. Exposed wire lighting is showing up in pendant lights as well as wall sconce lighting. The exposed wire adds a rustic/industrial feel to lighting and design. In years past, it has always been the goal to hide wires; now lighting design is encompassing the necessary wiring into the design of the entire fixture. The exposed wire pendants will have a big impact this year, making their way into homes across America and Europe.

Library ladders are being incorporated into the rest of the home. They are showing up in kitchens and storage rooms. Attractive ladders are especially useful in kitchens. In this day in age upper cabinets extend all the way to the ceiling to add more storage to a space. The ladders used in the kitchen are a necessity, as well as an aesthetic piece of furniture.

Keep an eye out for these new trends and have fun incorporating them into your interior!

Can You Choose? January 14, 2016

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Would you choose the simple?  Or the more complex?

Happy New Year! January 1, 2016

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We are wishing you all a very Happy New Year! 

Merry Christmas! December 25, 2015

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From Big Bob’s to your family, may you have a wonderful and cozy Christmas.  

Decorating Tips for Using Color December 16, 2015

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When decorating a room or space, it can be overwhelming to try and decide what colors to use. Find out some useful tips on making selections and putting colors together.

Use the 60-30-10 rule. Decorators and designers use this tool all the time. Basically this means one color is the featured color and should make up about sixty percent of the color within the space. Thirty percent of color should be the supporting color. Ten percent is an accent color, which provides a small pop of a color. The featured and secondary colors should be complimentary or analogous colors. Complimentary colors are located across from one another on the color wheel. Purple and yellow are complimentary colors. They complement one other. Analogous colors are near one another on the color wheel. Analogous means they are related. For example red and purple are related.

Another tool is using a gradient color, which harmonizes the color in the space. The trick to pulling this look off is to start dark. From the floor use a more saturated version of color choice. Then as height increase lighten the saturation of the same color choice. This look works best when using a dramatic color like deep purple or bright turquoise.

Adding black to any space will enhance the style. Use black to outline and highlight furnishings. Black empowers any space it’s used in. Black is so versatile that it can be used for any type of color scheme. Let black be your go to color when you are unsure what color is needed to complete your look. This color supports all surrounding colors, it truly is a great tool to have!

Simple Salt Dough Ornaments December 9, 2015

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A beautiful family tradition is to make salt dough ornaments with impressions of children’s hands and feet each year. This gives a memento each year to cherish the growing up process and the change each year brings. As children get older, they will enjoy the process as much as you do!

What you will need:

1 Cup Salt

1 Cup All Purpose Flour

½ Cup of Water

¼ Inch Thick Holiday Ribbon

Pizza Cutter

A Straw


First Mix all ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Knead the dough with your hands until dough is soft and malleable.

Next use a rolling pin to roll your dough out. You may need to add a little bit of flour, to keep your dough from sticking to the rolling pin. The dough needs to be at least ¼ of an inch or thicker. If the dough is too thin, the hand and foot impressions will press through the underside of the dough.

Gently lay your child’s hand or foot onto the dough. Once you have the desired impression, use a pizza cutter to cut out any desired shape you like around the impression.

Use a straw to add a simple hole at the top of your ornament. This will allow you to thread a ribbon through, so the ornament can be hung on the tree.

Once the ornament has been made, either let the ornament sit out and dry for two days, or bake it. To bake place in the oven for one hour at 200 degrees.

After the ornament is dry, it can be left as is, for a natural look; or it can be painted with acrylic paint! Happy crafting!

Decorating For Winter December 3, 2015

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Decorating for the winter can help make your space feel cozy and ready for the holiday season! You might not think it, but preparing your home by decorating for this special time of year has an added benefit—while those short days and cold winter storms might feel like they are getting to you, with warm and festive decorations your mood will be lifted and instead you’ll be reminded of all of the good parts of the season as well.


Be sure that you are armed with as many metallics as possible! They are far and away the best color to choose for your decorations. Try metal in your decor such as a silver table statue of a deer or ornaments hung around the house. You can add to this with ribbon that is metallic as well and hang them around your home. 


Another thing you’ll want to do is to bring in some of that pine scent from outside. Wreaths are a great way to do this and they can warm up a room. Add sprigs of pine around the dinning room table for a center piece addition. That ribbon that you have hung around the house. Perhaps you could get a string of pine imitation threaded with lights and weave it with the ribbon. This is a great way to also add ambient light to your space.


Other ways to get your room winter ready is to purchase several flannel blankets to have around the couch for when it gets really cold outside. Keep to richer tones like deep greens and deep reds as well. Go out and try to find a couple of winter themed throw pillows that you love, perhaps something with reindeer or snowmen on them. This will tie your living room together and have it ready for those cold nights watching  movie with a cup of hot chocolate and your family. 


Here we have only the most popular ways to winterize your interior design but let these suggestions inspire you and before you know it you will be rocking and rolling your way into a winter wonderland!

Happy Thanksgiving! November 26, 2015

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of our wonderful customers! We are so thankful for all of you!

Thanksgiving Dinner Tips November 20, 2015

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It can be very time consuming and stressful preparing Thanksgiving dinner. Countless trips to the store for food and supplies can really wear on you. Find out ways to make do without having all the supplies you may have forgotten, so you can stay on schedule!

There is no need to buy a baking rack to cook the turkey. You can line the bottom of your pan with thick carrots, to keep the turkey elevated above the pan. This trick is also helpful for flavoring the fat, needed to make the gravy. If you forgot to buy the cheesecloth, there is another way to keep moisture in and add extra savory flavor. Cover the top of the turkey with strips of bacon. As the turkey cooks, the bacon will help keep moisture in, while adding extra flavor to the bird.

Don’t have a sifter? Use a strainer to place the flour in. Stir flour around with a whisk, to force the flour come dusting out of the strainer. While baking pies, do not stress over the crust edging. Grab a string of large pearl costume jewelry and press into the doughy pie crust. This will create the perfect edge. Trim any excess crust off with scissors. Baking can seem difficult, but it can be made easier. Butter is a common ingredient for baked goods and pastry items. Instead of trying to work cold butter into dough, grate it. Use a cheese grater to grate the amount of butter you need.

Fluffy mashed potatoes are easy with baking powder. Add a pinch of baking powder to the mix. The powder will react to the heat and create CO2; which creates the most perfect feathery mashed potatoes. Potatoes can also be peeled and soaked in water for several hours before boiling.  This helps with the crunch on time just prior to serving.  Get little tasks done early!

Try not to stress while creating the massive holiday feast! After all holidays are to be enjoyed with family and friends. Don’t lose sight of the celebration!

Ways to Keep Pumpkins Fresh November 12, 2015

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If you are using pumpkins in your décor throughout Thanksgiving there are ways to keep the fruit fresh. Find out how to keep your pumpkin looking like you just brought it home from the patch! The tips found within this post can also be used on various other types of gourds.

If you are carving or hollowing you will need to treat the inside. After you have carved or hollowed the pumpkin, place it in a bucket, large enough to be submerged in a solution. The solution consists of water and bleach. Add one teaspoon of bleach for each gallon of water. Let the pumpkin soak for about thirty minutes. After you remove it from solution let it drain and dry upside down.

Mix another solution of two tablespoon of vinegar and one teaspoon of lemon juice. You can coat the inside of the pumpkin by brushing the solution on with a paint brush or sponging it on. Treating the gourd in this manner will keep the inside the pumpkin from becoming soft and will keep the fruit looking fresh for several weeks.

The silica packets found in many packaging materials can be placed within the interior of a carved or hollowed pumpkin. Leave the packet intact and do not open it. The silica packet will absorb moisture and inhibit the growth of mold inside the pumpkin. Make sure to keep these from children and pets as they can be harmful if they are swallowed.

Petroleum jelly is perfect for shining pumpkins and other gourds. Be sure and wash or wipe any excess dirt that may be stuck to the pumpkin. Once it is dried, use a paper towel or sponge to apply the petroleum jelly to the exterior. You can even use the jelly on the stem, to bring some color and life back to it. Petroleum jelly is safe to use on the outside of the pumpkin and will create a perfect luster that will last weeks. However, be very careful when moving a pumpkin treated in this manner.  It may fly out of your hands! 

Once the pumpkin has been treated, don’t use it for serving food unless you first line it with a large bowl. Enjoy your long lasting gourd!