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Your Kitchen Backsplash February 26, 2015

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Sometimes a little change can go a long way when it comes to designing your dream kitchen. Updating your kitchen’s backsplash is one of those little changes that can really make your kitchen come alive before your eyes, and there are trends that work for every homeowner’s style.


For those with a more traditional palette there are classic options such as white tile with white grout. Or perhaps you prefer something a little more Italian in style such as a mosaic of tiles that create an image. What if you prefer something with a more modern touch and were to use glass tiles that vary between glossy and etched. There is a backsplash for everyone out there, and it is a great way to infuse life into your kitchen’s design.


The first step in creating your perfect kitchen backsplash is to take inventory of your kitchen’s current style. Once you know where your starting point is, its time to brainstorm. What you decide on will depend on whether or not you are going for a huge change or a subtler update to your kitchen.


If you are looking for a subtler update then you are going to want to look for a backsplash that would blend in with how your kitchen is already styled. This might mean that if your kitchen has a French country feel to it that you might stick with more traditional tile and grout. Whatever the backsplash you choose, a subtle backsplash change will still fit in with your kitchen’s current theme, adding an updated look without changing the overall feel to your space.


However, if you are looking for something more dramatic and bold there are many of options that can turn up your kitchen’s wow factor. You can add metal accents into your tile design or you could use patterns that create an image or shape. Other ways to add a wow factor are to do something different like adding shine with glass tiles in alternating shades and textures or even a pop of color.


Whatever the change you are looking to make there are many different ways to redesign your backsplash in a way that will meet your expectations. It is a great way to update your kitchen in a way that can be as subtle or as attention grabbing as you desire. My Big Bob’s is always available to answer your questions about your kitchen design! 

Area Rugs in Your Decorating February 20, 2015

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Decorating can be a daunting task—between deciding on a paint color and choosing throw pillows and lamps, it can be difficult to figure out exactly how you want to begin. But a good place to start is with the one thing that can inspire the rest of your room’s design aesthetic, a statement area rug. It can set the tone for the room’s color palate and also tie together all of the other little things you add.

The rug above is an example of how you can use something with modern lines and neutral colors to inspire a modern feel to your room. In this living room the area rug ties together the glass and metal geometric coffee table, white couch with muted throw pillows and clean lines throughout the entire room. This is just one example of how an area rug can really showcase a room’s design.

This image shows a dark brown textured area rug that evokes a beach house vibe which pulls together the light wicker furniture and blue throw pillows. Something like this works but if you wanted something lighter a white carpet might also work for this type of look. Imagine how different the room would feel with a more traditional area carpet. It would completely take away the fresh beach house look that the carpet above is able to convey.

Above you can see a more traditional area rug and it is truly the center of attention in this room. It frames the formal dining room table and adds color to the classic light yellow and white paint scheme. But while it adds color notice that it doesn’t overpower the room either, keeping things demure and classic.


These are just three examples of how an area rug can add style and purpose to the interior design of the room you are decorating. There are many different ways to use area rugs in this manner so it would be important to have a few ideas before you begin looking for the area rug that will fit your needs. Check out our website at http://www.mybigbobs.com for ideas and more information on pairing you with the area rug that’s right for your home.

Upcycling – How To Use and Repurpose Office Supplies February 12, 2015

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What’s all the excitement around up-cycling? Well, not only does it do wonders for the environment, because the recycling process is unnecessary, it’s also a great claim to fame among the DIY set. The more creative you can get with stuff that’s already laying around, the more impressed people will be. Here are a few simple ideas to kick start your brain for innovation. Try all three and by the time you’re done your mind is likely to be twirling several more ideas.

  • Slanted shelf magazine holders: Use these in your freezer for organization of small items. Just lie on their sides, and stack on top of each other. Burritos, popsicles, and canned juice are just a few of the items that lodge nicely into the space and keep the freezer manageable. Gone are the days of gently tugging one bag of hash browns with the result of a food landslide if you pull too hard! 
  • Old school/work binders: Inevitably the plastic coated cardboard encasement of a binder goes beyond repair before the center mechanism does. No problem! Remove it entirely so all you have left is the center metal piece with three rings. Opt for the ones that have the levers on each side for opening and closing the rings, otherwise this idea won’t work out as a convenience. Screw it into the wall. You now have a nifty little set of wall hooks for keys, lightweight kitchen items, craft supplies, etc.
  •  Twine: We used to use this in the office a lot more than we do now, for tying together stacks of packages or letters to be mailed. These days, we keep twine around just in case, but it often sits unused because it’s sold on such large spools. Use it to cover unsightly electrical cords! Simple wrap snugly around the cord, gluing in place every few inches, and the cords will blend right in with your décor! The idea is for them to blend, not stand out, as a result. So stick with neutral colored twine.

Why Buy the Whole Gift Set When Purchasing a Fragrance? February 6, 2015

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Fine fragrance! What says luxury and love like a gift such as this? Women have coveted and collected masterfully mixed scents as long as history has been recorded. Of course, they didn’t have the advantages we do now. Historically speaking perfumes were often applied closer to the source.

For instance, aromatic oil was applied directly to the skin as opposed to combined with other ingredients. Perfumes in the past also lacked the technology to incorporate more than a few ingredients. Today our favorite fragrances are the result of endless hours of mixology and chemistry. They often include dozens of ingredients that are proportioned to perfection before finally being dispensed into a bottle.

The bottles, oh the bottles! They are a thing of beauty unto themselves. 

So why bother buying other products with your scent? When purchasing other products with perfume, it greatly increases the value of the fragrance itself. Here are the potential options and why they’re worthwhile.

  1. Shower gel. It might seem silly to invest in something that’s “just going to rinse off.” However, your pores are most open when in hot water and steam. By using shower gel you are allowing the scent to be absorbed into the skin in a way that isn’t possible when the skin is cool and dry. You’re also able to apply the scent to your entire body which you would not likely do with a bottle of perfume! It’s also great when you want to smell wonderful but aren’t going in public and don’t want to waste the good stuff.
  2. Lotion or cream. Using lotion or cream also has the effect of allowing the scent to be massaged into the skin rather than just sitting on top of it. Indeed it also allow for an all over application. Layering is the goal with fragrance and creams are the perfect second layer on which to spray perfume.
  3. Roller ball purse size fragrance. These are marvelous for protecting your investment because you won’t feel the need to go crazy with your perfume in the morning in hopes of smelling good all day. Furthermore, bottled fragrance is sensitive to temperature changes so carrying around a big bottle of perfume or leaving it in your car can ruin it.

Use all of these and you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised when months later your primary bottle of fragrance is still half full because you didn’t squander it by trying to accomplish what can be done with shower gel, lotion and a travel size version!

How To Paint Walls So They Look Like They’ve Been Upholstered With Suede January 27, 2015

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If you want a rich, textured, cozy feel in a room, you will adore this technique. It is ideal for libraries, traditional home offices (also known as a study) and family rooms. But, you can use it in any room where the inclusion of suede feels just right. It’s amazingly realistic looking, so expect guests to approach it closely and inspect it. Using actual suede would cost a fortune, but suede-finish latex paint contains a special additive that produces a grainy yet velvety appearance that makes that additional expenditure totally unnecessary. If you’re a traditionalist, opt for earth tones. If you want to create a vibe similar to that of a lair or lounge, don’t be afraid to try crimson or plum!


  • blue painters tape
  • drop cloths or brown painter’s paper
  • primer (tinted to match the top coat)
  • paint roller with tray
  • suede finish latex paint
  • small, angled paintbrush for edges
  • foam roller
  • 4 inch paintbrush

Prep the walls by making sure they are clean. Wipe down if necessary – there should be no dust or debris. Next, use the blue painters tape to protect all of the edges (baseboards, molding, ceiling, etc.) Smooth the tape down completely using a putty knife. Lay down a drop cloth or brown painter’s paper to protect the floor. Paper is easier to manage because drop clothes move and bunch.

Next, apply the tinted primer to all of the walls and let dry completely. Then use the small, angled paint brush to cut in all the edges in the room. Now it’s time for the fun! Paint the walls with the suede paint using a zig-zag pattern that you achieve in 2’ X 2’ sections. Use the foam roller dipped in paint and slowly smooth over the painted section. Then move on to the next 2’ X 2’ section. Repeat until you’ve completed all of the walls. Allow it to dry for several hours until completely dry. Last, use the 4 inch paintbrush to apply a second coat of paint. Do this in crosshatch strokes along the entire wall. Start at an upper corner, work from top to bottom, and then left to right. This project takes time and requires patience, but the effect will be stunning!

How To Make DIY Fabric Light Switch Covers January 22, 2015

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Ready to wow your guests with your attention to detail? Try this simple, inexpensive method for creating beautiful, fabric covered light switch plate covers!


  • Fabric of your choice, but it should be lightweight and flexible
  • Flathead screw driver
  • Tacky glue
  • Clear acrylic spray coat
  • Craft mat
  • X-Acto knife
  • Scissors

Remove the switch plate from the wall using a flathead screwdriver and clean it, or buy new plates. They’re very inexpensive and can be easily found.

Lay the plate on the part of the fabric that you want to use. Experiment with turning it sideways to see which way you like it best. Don’t forget, you’ll be cutting the center out so that part of the image will be lost! Trace around it using a pencil or white sewing pencil if the fabric is dark. Use a ruler to trace the shape again, but ½ in away from the outline of the plate. You will need the excess for wrapping around the back of the plate. The cuts don’t have to be perfect, because no one will see them.

Next, lay the fabric over the top of the plate to ensure it is the right size. Then, use a foam paint brush, and coat the front of the switch plate with tacky glue. Do this thoroughly and evenly, not forgetting the sides and edges. Now, place the newly cut fabric on the glue, being sure to center it. Use a credit card to very gently smooth it down and ease out any large air bubbles. Use your fingers to press it down at the side edges.

Next, fold the edges to the back like you would when wrapping a gift. Snip corners a little if needed.  If you need to trim off more fabric, now you can. If the image doesn’t stick completely around all of the edges, apply a tiny bit more glue and seal them down. Let it dry a little. Flip the plate over and use the X-Acto knife to cut out the center piece using the same rule of a ½ inch away from the edge. Then cut a diagonal slit at each corner to ensure the image wraps tightly at the inner edges. Line each edge with the glue and press down. Next, cut a small X into both of the holes where the screws go. Last, go to a well ventilated area and spray it with an acrylic clear coat to set it permanently and give it a finished, glossy look.

The Italian Impressions Style January 16, 2015

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Are you the kind of person who prefers the History Channel?  Do you prefer wrought iron to stainless steel, or rich fabrics to modern prints?  

If you dream of living in a far-off Mediterranean town with old world furnishings and brocade cloth, the Italian Impressions Style may be what best describes you!  

Older, collected items are displayed and the center of attention.  Ornate ceilings, arches and heavy fireplace mantles make their mark in the Italian Impressions style.

Is this the style that describes you?  Take our online quiz to see!

How Do You Live? January 9, 2015

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Have you ever wondered how your lifestyle should influence the type of floor in your home?  Children, pets, number of family members and maintenance levels are all very important factors to consider when choosing.  

Our “How I Live” quiz will analyze what is happening in your home.  The results will help you in your decision-making process regarding the color, design, and products that you will select for your project. 

How I Live Quiz

Which Bathroom Would You Choose? January 2, 2015

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Best Holiday Wishes! December 24, 2014

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Here’s to hoping your holidays are filled with love, joy and peace.