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Enjoy Your Day! July 4, 2016

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We wish you a very happy Fourth of July!  Please stay safe during this wonderful holiday and celebrate your freedom.

Important Bedroom Measurements June 8, 2016

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When decorating a bedroom there are some measurements that should be used to make the most out of this space. Find out what these measurements are and why you should be using them.

The most important dimension in a bedroom is the height of the bed. This is because a bed that is too high or too low is difficult to get in and out of. The proper bed height is between 24”-27” from the floor to the top of the mattress. 24” is a better height for shorter people and children. 25”-26” is a good height for elderly people. They do not have to stoop down to get into bed and they can easily stand up out of bed from these heights. Taller people need a bed height around 27” to easily get in and out of bed.

Night stand width should be proportionate to the size of the bed. A king size bed should have a night stand at least 36” wide. Otherwise the night stand looks too small for the size of the bed. A queen size bed should have a night stand around 24”-30” wide to look proportionate. A double bed can use night stands that anywhere from 18”-24” wide. There should also be at least 6” of space from the edge of the night stand to the wall.

Headboard heights typically vary from 42” to 52” high. If you want to conceal most of your headboard, select a height from 42”-48” high. If you want to showcase the headboard, choose closer to 52” high. When the height of the bed is around 24”-27” off the floor, pillow height can range from 18”-24” high. These two measurements added together will give you a total of around 42”- 48” high. A headboard should never be more than 60” from the floor to the highest point of the headboard. Only use taller headboards like this if the ceiling height is very high (meaning 12 foot or higher). Headboard heights need to be in proportion with the ceiling height.

We hope this helps in decorating your bedroom!  If you have any questions about this information, feel free to stop by or ask us!  

Happy Mother’s Day! May 8, 2016

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We would like to send special wishes to all mothers — thank you for all you do!

Spinach Egg Cups April 28, 2016

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Are you constantly looking for ways to feed your family healthier meals?  An easy way to accomplish this is to hide healthy veggies in your meals. These spinach egg cups were a little something we came up with while meal planning. Breakfast meals that can be heated up quickly and taken on the go is a great place to start. These egg cups do just that!


2.5oz of fresh spinach

4 Eggs

½ Cup of Whole Milk

1 can of biscuit dough

*Recipe requires a muffin pan



Finely chop the fresh spinach.  

In a large mixing bowl, crack 4 eggs. Add chopped spinach and milk. Either whisk by hand or use a hand held mixer.

Cut each biscuit into 6 little triangle shapes. Fill the muffin cup half way with the egg mixture. The biscuits and eggs will expand. Add 3 biscuit dough triangles to each egg cup.

Cook at 400 degrees for 8 minutes. Then add aluminum foil to the top of the muffin tray, (so the cups won’t burn) and cook for another 6 minutes. Use a tooth pick to check to see if they are done in the middle. Allow at least 10 minutes for cups to cool before removing them from the muffin tray.

Keep cups in a plastic container in the refrigerator. Heat up by microwaving for 15-30 seconds depending on your microwave. 


Add Big Style to a Small Bathroom March 31, 2016

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Small guest baths and powder rooms don’t have to be plain. They should pack a punch of style! Read below to find out tips on how to create a wow factor.

Add interesting lighting. Beautiful chandeliers look awesome and give a small bathroom a sparkle. Wall sconces on either side of the vanity mirror add extra lighting and extra style any small bathroom.

Add a small rug to the bathroom floor for added warmth, comfort and design appeal. Small rugs in a small bathroom create a comfortable place where guests can get themselves together.

Don’t skimp on hardware. The hardware in a small bathroom can add the extra glam factor that a small space needs. Don’t go the safe route, select hardware that stands out and contrasts with the fixtures.

Wallpaper is an excellent way to add excitement to a small space. Make sure you keep in mind the proportion of the pattern should stay in proportion of the room size. However that doesn’t mean you can’t use a statement wallpaper. If you prefer select an interesting paint color instead of wallpaper. The point is to create interest on the walls in a small bathroom or powder room.

Hang artwork that is proportionate to the room size on the walls. If there is natural light in the small bathroom, and a houseplant for a touch of life. If there’s a lack of natural light add a vase of fresh flowers, especially before guests come over. A vase of fresh flowers can easily be changed out from week to week.

If the space on the wall allows, install an interesting magazine rack, and load the shelves with picture books, magazines and other bathroom reading material. If wall space is limited but floor space permits, add a small stylish stool where you can keep interesting reads.

If you have any questions on your small bathroom, feel free to contact us!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! March 17, 2016

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Rainbow Fruit Skewers for St. Patrick’s Day March 16, 2016

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Rainbow fruit skewers are the perfect healthy appetizer or snack! Think about the fact that you are creating the rainbow using fruit from nature. The rainbow has specific colors in a certain order, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. The rainbow gave us the inspiration to come up with this themed idea.

What You Will Need:

Wooden Skewers

Raspberries or Watermelon (to serve as the Red in the rainbow)

Cantaloupe or Orange slices (Orange)

Pineapple (Yellow)

Kiwi fruit or green grapes (Green)

Blueberries (Blue)

Blackberries (Indigo)

Dark purple grapes (Violet)


Cut the fruit into chunks. Leave the grapes, blueberries and blackberries whole. Stack each fruit in the same order as above the rainbow that leads to the pot of gold has been created! Serve with whip cream and chocolate gold coins. A beautiful serving suggestion is to layout the skewers creating the appearance of an arch (creating the rainbow), then serve a bowl of whip cream at each end of the rainbow and the coins nearby. This makes a great garnish and cloud visual for the rainbow skewers. 

Which Room Would You Choose? March 11, 2016

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Which room would you choose?  Why?  Let us know in the comments below!

Your Own Family Photos March 3, 2016

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This activity taps into so many wonderful things. Time with your teen, an opportunity to get creative, a reason to enjoy the outdoors, and a beautiful record of it when you’re done. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to do this, all you need is a good camera. We don’t recommend using your phone. As far the settings just set it to auto and the camera will do most of the work for you.

Do take the time to figure out how to work the timer though! The timer is the only way to make sure no one gets stuck behind the lens and thus isn’t in the photo. Using the timer is also a great source of laughter because of the repeated sense of urgency for the last person to make it into the photo on time and not look ridiculous when the shutter flies. 

To plan for this activity, you simply need to find a great outdoor location for shooting. Pick a place you both like. Liking it is more important than it being impressive. Then, check the weather forecast and try to schedule for a day without complications. Focus on late afternoon. Mid day noon sun is very harsh and creates unattractive shadows. Early morning sun is really tough on the eyeballs; they don’t want to stay open. Late afternoon is more diffused and flattering. Ideally the sky would be overcast.

When photo shoot day is upon you the most important thing to do is not take it seriously! Don’t try to pose perfect photos or create a masterpiece. This is about quality time and creative freedom. Just keep passing the camera back and forth and take photos of each other and the setting. Without a doubt you’ll come away with something awesome and an amazing memory!

Two Ways To Add Glamour To Your Vanity or Desk February 19, 2016

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Glamour is all about the details. Be they many or few, it’s the small things that a give a room its fabulous personality. Here are two super easy DIY projects that will add some glam, without requiring much time or spending! 

Project #1: Table-top display tray

You can create lovely, custom trays using picture frames! They are perfect for holding perfume bottles, vases, or anything else that you might like to place on them to make a surface look pretty and well organized.


Picture frame – large enough to hold all of the items you want to set on your ‘tray’

Glitter paper – heavyweight type sold by the sheet at the craft store in the scrapbook section

How to:

Cut the glitter paper to the size of the opening in the back of the frame. Insert it as you would a photo and close the back. If necessary, remove the easel piece from the back so the tray will lay flat and even. That’s it – you have a beautiful glitter tray! If you love it so much that you can’t bear to cover it with items, you can also opt to hang it as a form of wall décor.

Project #2: Short and shabby chic bouquet


Short, cylindrical glass vase – craft or big box store

Glitter paper – heavyweight type sold by the sheet at the craft store in the scrapbook section

Bouquet of your favorite fake flowers – craft store

How To:

Cut the glitter paper to the dimensions of the inside walls of the vase and insert it so it shows through the glass. Tape it together at the ends so it stays in place. Traditionally these arrangements look excellent with open fully “bloomed” roses, but feel free to experiment with your favorite flower. Just be sure to choose something that allows for a dense arrangement or it will end up look sparse and incomplete. Cut the main stem to separate them into single blooms, and remove any greenery. Cut each stem to a length that allows the base of the flowers to be flush with the rim of the vase. It should appear that they are ever so slightly crammed and spilling over. Fill vase with blooms until its complete – a concentration of roses in a beautiful glitter vase!