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The Italian Impressions Style January 16, 2015

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Are you the kind of person who prefers the History Channel?  Do you prefer wrought iron to stainless steel, or rich fabrics to modern prints?  

If you dream of living in a far-off Mediterranean town with old world furnishings and brocade cloth, the Italian Impressions Style may be what best describes you!  

Older, collected items are displayed and the center of attention.  Ornate ceilings, arches and heavy fireplace mantles make their mark in the Italian Impressions style.

Is this the style that describes you?  Take our online quiz to see!

How Do You Live? January 9, 2015

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Have you ever wondered how your lifestyle should influence the type of floor in your home?  Children, pets, number of family members and maintenance levels are all very important factors to consider when choosing.  

Our “How I Live” quiz will analyze what is happening in your home.  The results will help you in your decision-making process regarding the color, design, and products that you will select for your project. 

How I Live Quiz

Which Bathroom Would You Choose? January 2, 2015

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Best Holiday Wishes! December 24, 2014

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Here’s to hoping your holidays are filled with love, joy and peace.

A Holiday Rundown December 20, 2014

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Popular Bathroom Colors December 13, 2014

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Bathrooms are one of the most frequently renovated rooms in the house. This is because people spend so much personal time in the space, so it’s natural to want it to be a place that you feel you can relax and unwind in. And while there are many different considerations that go into a bathroom from the vanity to the tile, one of the things that hangs people up the most is the color of the space. Bathrooms can really be any color from white to bold red, but there is a set group of colors that people tend to gravitate toward in bathrooms that help give the space universal appeal.


Grays are currently the most popular colors in bathrooms for decorative tiles, shower curtains, towels, and bath mats. Gray has a soothing, calming quality.  Since it is technically in the neutral family you can still introduce other colors as accents later on without committing or competing.


Starting in the grays and shifting all the way to bright turquoise, nearly every color in the blue family is popular in bathrooms. Blue is also a soothing color, and is associated with water, so it’s a natural choice for this area. Blue also pairs very well with other colors, so you can build a full palette in the room such as:

  • Blue and white
  • Blue and gray
  • Blue and green
  • Blue and yellow
  • Blue and tan
  • Blue and gold

Like gray, blue tends to work best on the walls and as accents, but it’s also not unusual to see bold shades like cobalt used on floors or on light fixtures to deepen the color of the room.

Cream and Tan

Not everyone likes to go full on white in the bathroom, so cream and tan are often the colors of choice instead. These neutrals are able to make a calm, formal, and traditional statement in your bathroom, without introducing any other color. If a little color is desired, these neutrals pair well with several other shades you can use as accents.

Decorating the Tops of Kitchen Cabinets December 6, 2014

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Unless your cabinets reach right to the ceiling, or you have a soffit installed above them, you probably have a large expanse of unused space in your kitchen. The tops of your kitchen cabinets are a great place to add some extra storage, decoration, and interest to the rest of your kitchen design – even if you’ve paid them no attention in the past.

Extended Backsplash

Do you have a very decorative backsplash in your kitchen? If so, consider extending it up above your cabinets. This can produce a very dramatic and striking look, particularly if you are using glass, mosaics or stone for your backsplash. Just extend the tile slightly to the sides of the upper cabinets and run them up and across the top. If you have empty walls between different sets of cabinets, you can also fill this space in entirely with the tile to connect the areas and further emphasize the design.

Cabinet Storage

If you have enough height above your cabinets, you can use this area for storing things that you might not have a place for elsewhere in the kitchen. These items can be decorative, such as china or plants, or they can be utilitarian such as baskets that you keep filled with onions and potatoes. To keep the area from looking haphazard, just be sure to store whatever you keep up there in a decorative way, and to continue this look across the entirety of the cabinets with the same design, so it becomes part of the kitchen.

Moldings and Railings

If you only have a few inches between your cabinets and the ceiling, consider connecting the two areas using either railings or a cabinet crown molding. Many cabinets are either plain on top or have a molding that is too small, tacked on by the manufacturer. Replacing this with a more substantial molding can give the cabinets a custom and built in appearance that can update the entire room, making it seem as though the whole kitchen has gotten a face lift all at once. Just go back to your original cabinet manufacturer to get a matching wood species and stain for your cabinets to get the best look.

Happy Thanksgiving! November 26, 2014

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We hope that your Thanksgiving finds you surrounded by your friends and family!

Tips for Decorating with Wall Shelves November 19, 2014

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Using wall shelves in any room of your home can help you decorate while storing and displaying a variety of different items. Wall shelves come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and styles, so you can add them to any home, regardless of what your overarching interior design scheme is. Use some of these tips to help you make the most out of every wall in your home.

Create Groupings

While a single wall shelf can be a nice accent on a small wall, multiple shelves used together can really make a statement on any sized wall. Group together several shelves that are the same style and color, but vary in size. Try placing them in asymmetrical groupings, rather than stacking them or running them in a row across the wall. This lets you vary the heights and sizes of the items on them, because the shelves aren’t creating a unified pattern that the objects on top need to mimic. You can spread your shelves out or place them close together depending on the size of the wall, just be sure to vary the heights of them as you move across the area.

Sconce Shelves

Shelves don’t have to be large, or even a permanent fixture in your rooms. Consider investing in a few sconce shelves to display things like seasonal items, candles, and other small items that can add a little color or ambiance to a room. These small shelves are meant to hold a candle or sconce on the wall, but they can be stained or painted any color and used to display anything from a few sprigs of holly in the winter to a grouping of seashells in the summer.

Make them Functional

Not every wall shelf has to be purely decorative. If you lack space in a room, consider using a shelf to give you a functional storage space, and a decorative element at the same time. For example, install some rustic shelves in a Country kitchen to store your plates when not in use, or put up two-tiered shelves in the living room to hold DVDs and video games. Shelves can make nearly any element become part of your interior design, so try incorporating a few of them into any room to give yourself some decorative storage.

How Can I Get My Kids to Help Clean? November 12, 2014

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It’s one of the greatest problems that most parents face on a daily basis – the fact that kids make the biggest messes in the house, but are the least likely to clean them up again. If you’re struggling with getting your kids to help tidy up at the end of the day, try using these tips to help motivate them to pitch in.

Make Clean Up Simple

Sometimes the biggest stumbling block to kids picking up after themselves is simply the amount of time it takes. After all, they have other things that they want to get onto, and cleaning isn’t fast or fun.

Try purchasing several plastic bins with lids and go through their toys, organizing them by type. Put one type in each bin. Now clean up can be fast and fun as kids try to pitch things into the bins, rather than trying to tidy up onto shelves or moving things from one room to the next.

Make Cleaning a Game

Another way to get kids to help is to make some of the chores you give them a little more novel. Try to find chores that can be done in unorthodox ways so they’re fun, rather than boring. A few suggestions include:

  • Giving them a dust buster having them go after the dust bunnies and clumps of pet hair in the corners – tell them it’s a seek and destroy mission
  • Pull out a pair of old socks.  Let the kids find dusty corners with their toes!
  • Mix up a bucket of extra sudsy water and let them get into bathing suits to scrub down the tub and shower with the suds; just turn on the showerhead to rinse when they’re all done

Make Them Responsible for One Area

If your kids are older, give them one area of the house that is their responsibility to keep clean at all times. Tell them that how and when they clean it is up to them, but that it must be kept clean. Kids usually find that having ownership in an area, also means taking pride in keeping it nice, which motivates them to help keep it clean.