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What’s the Best Way to Arrange Pictures on a Wall? September 10, 2014

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Whether you’re creating a gallery wall, or you just want to hang a selection of family portraits, it can be difficult to know exactly how to space them. Moving back and forth, eyeballing and using a ruler and level are all impractical methods at best. For a faster and easier way to arrange your pictures, try this trick instead.

Get a roll of butcher paper and cut a piece – or several pieces – that will equal the size of the wall where you will be hanging the pictures.

Take your frames and lay them right on top of the paper, arranging them the way you want them. Use a ruler to spread them out evenly around the area. When you get the design exactly the way that you want it, take the time to snap a photo of the finished design. You can refer back to this when you are hanging the pictures so you don’t forget the arrangement.

Once your picture is taken, trace the outlines of each of the frames onto the butcher paper right where they are. This creates your template for how they will hang on the wall.

Flip them over and measure down and in from each side until you find the hooks on the back of each frame. Mark each traced frame on the paper where its hook is located.

You can now tape your butcher paper onto the wall, raising or lowering it until you find the right spot for the pictures. Leave the paper in place while you drive a nail right through the paper into the wall at the location you marked for the hooks on the backs of each frame.

Now all you have to do is tear the paper off of the wall; your nails will remain behind in the perfect locations. Hang your pictures in the same pattern you arranged them in on the paper to get a perfect picture gallery each and every time without having to move, re-nail, guess, or eyeball the space.


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