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Four Things Each Week October 8, 2016

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Our lives can quickly become packed full of activities and weekends can feel frantic and rushed.  However, having a set routine can help your weekends to feel calmer and the week to pass more smoothly.  Try the steps below to see if you can gain a few extra calm moments in your week!
  1. Wash your bedding and bathroom towels. This may seem obvious to some, but to others it may seem excessive. However, we spend a third of our day in our beds every day—would you wear your clothes that often without putting them through the wash? It’s just good hygiene and can also help clear up your complexion as old skin cells and oil flake and rub off on your pillowcase every night so washing it weekly should keep any buildup from affecting your skin. Washing your towels this often will keep them fresh and keep away the musty smell that can build up over time. Besides—who doesn’t love a freshly made bed or a fluffy towel everyday?
  2. Clean up your clutter. Again, another one that sounds obvious when you hear it but we all get busy during the week and when the weekend rolls around if we aren’t spending it doing various activities then the last thing we want to do is clean. By committing yourself to cleaning up your clutter once a week you will save yourself from those big overhaul cleans that take all day in the future. 
  3. Budget. Maybe you’ve set up a budget in the past and revisit it once a year. Or maybe you set up a budget and never looked at it again! Either way, budgets will only work for you if you work for them. This means checking it once a week and comparing it to your actual spending habits. Don’t allow yourself to cheat either! That only hurts you. Keeping a responsible eye on your budget will allow you to do the important things with it like save for hard times, put it in your retirement account or pay for that vacation you’ve been wanting to go on.
  4. Meal plan for the week. This is so important and incorporates your budget as well. If you meal plan for each week you are much less likely to waste food as you are only buying what you need for the next three days. You are also much less likely to end up buying whatever random thing you want to eat during the week, leading to healthier food choices. You’re also likely to save some money by not eating out for lunches and dinners because you already have your week’s meals planned out.


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