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Modern Kitchen Flooring Ideas November 30, 2016

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When designing a modern style kitchen, using materials in an unexpected way can set the tone for your space.  This type of decorating is meant to make a statement and showcase your unique style.  The best way to start do that is with your flooring material choice.  It is the foundation of your kitchen’s look and needs some thoughtful consideration.  Here are some suggestions to get you started with your modern look.


Wood-Look Tile

While solid hardwood is a classic choice is many homes, installing this material in the kitchen area can be tricky as it does not stand up to moisture as well as other flooring options.  That’s where wood-look porcelain tile comes into play.  Due to amazing advances in printer technology, the patterns on this printed tile are nearly indistinguishable from hardwood.  Since it is tile rather than wood, the tile is highly resistant to moisture while still giving you the look you want to achieve.  It is also easier to install than hardwood which can be a time-consuming project.  A variety of stains and species are available to coordinate with any colors you have in mind. 



Another option for flooring in the kitchen is laminate.  Just like wood-look tile, laminate is resistant to moisture and will hold up well to the traffic through your space.  The patterns available in laminate have advanced tremendously in recent years with prints that lean towards those copying hardwoods.  The surface of laminate also provides a slightly more forgiving surface than tile, which will help those standing in the space for long periods of time.


Porcelain Tile

This material is one of the best at resisting scratches, stains or chipping.  It’s also one of the best materials to incorporate into any design: modern, rustic, contemporary and so on.  For the best modern look use, large format tiles (think eighteen inches or larger) that have the appearance of another material: concrete, glass, stone.  The unique textures and clean look of these choices will make a statement, while the tile size will reduce grout lines to maximize the space.


With so many choices available it won’t be difficult to find a material that speaks to your style and preferences.  Come visit us today to get started on your modern kitchen look!


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