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Tips for Adding Style to a Teenage Boy’s Room January 25, 2017

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When you pick the clothes off the floor, you may find that there’s so much potential for your son’s room. Yes, designing a teenage boy’s room can be a bit challenging, but it can be done. How can you turn a boy’s room into a space that’s stylish and that he will love? Well, the trick is to decorate the interior based on his hobbies and interests. To pull this off, you’ll need to determine what it is that he loves and how you can develop a design based on this theme.

  1. Your teen’s room should be a refuge and a private space that he enjoys. Below are ten great ideas you can utilize.
  2. You can paint his room his favorite sports team’s colors and dedicate a wall to hanging his favorite player’s jerseys.
  3. Use skateboard is replacement of shelves by mounting them on the walls
  4. Hanging lights around the room that glow when the lights are off
  5. Have cool, dramatic murals painted on each wall in the space to make it pop
  6. Incorporate a small basketball court into the room if there is enough space. You can make this work by installing a basketball basket onto the wall and painting the court on the floor area near it.
  7. Try having a large pop-up mural of his favorite iconic figure. The painting should feel as if the person was in the room.
  8. Build a rock climbing area of the most spacious wall in the room
  9. Mount two large flat screen televisions on to the wall so he can watch both the game as he plays it on his gaming console. This setup can create a cool techy feel.
  10. Let your son graffiti paint a wall and have his friends sign the wall.
  11. Even unique accessories such as pillowcases made from jerseys can add creativity to a teen boy’s room.


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