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How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger February 21, 2017

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While there may be many things that you love about your home, you may have also rooms that are not as large as you would prefer.  Without having to tear down your walls, here are some design tricks you can use to make less spacious areas appear larger than they are.


Color:  Color plays an important part in setting the mood of your home.  Choosing the right hue is your first line of defense when trying to make a room look more expansive than it is.   Plain white is tried and true, but if you want to incorporate a little life into your home, try light and bright colors.  Darker colors tend to make the walls feel closer and more intimate, so steer clear.  Cool, tinted colors like green and blue can give the space a calm look while lighter versions of red, orange and yellow give it more animation.


Mirrors:  Mirrors are often used for their ability to reflect their surroundings, thus making the space they occupy appear deeper than it is.  Large or small, mirrored surfaces on the wall or as a furniture exterior will only serve to benefit the room.  For wall-mounted mirrors, consider using frameless pieces as thick frames can make the glass look too contained and take away some of the effect.  They are also very useful for bouncing off natural or artificial light sources to further assist with expanding the look of the space.


Light:  Light is extremely important to make a room appear larger. Just as dark colors make the walls feel like they are closing in, so does a dark room.  If you are blessed with beautiful natural light, be sure to use drapery that will not block it from entering the space.  This will also make it easier for the mirrors to do their job of making sure that light reaches every surface.  If the room does not have a window or is simply not placed in a good area for full room exposure, installing light fixtures is your next priority.  Since there may not be a lot of floor space to work with, try installing canned lighting in the ceiling, pendant lights or wall sconces. 


Decluttering:  A simple way to make a small space look larger is to keep furnishings and accessories to a minimum.  Use smaller furniture, less random “for decoration only” items and simple wall decorations.  When dealing with limited room, every square foot needs to be purposeful to remain functional.  Adding extra items anywhere in the space will only make it look cluttered. 


Focused Wall Art:  Placing too many frames on the wall will look crowded and disorganized.  If there is a wall you can devote to art, consider a tapestry or a mural.  This keeps your decoration at one item which will have the sole focus and which the viewer’s eye can rest on when they walk into the room.  With this as your focal point, there will be no need for unnecessary accessories.  Just let the artwork shine and your room will too.


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