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Combining Blue and White in the Bedroom March 24, 2017

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Nothing beats the combination of blue and white when decorating a master bedroom. The beautiful balance of feminine and masculine colors comes together to create a calming environment that you will be more than happy to escape to when the day is through.


There’s nothing quite like taking a crisp white bedroom and injecting color into it through the addition of beautiful navy accents. This can be done through a plush headboard, throw pillows or a painting with navy as its most prominent color.


Soft blues are also welcome if you want to create more of a beachy look. Try a wicker chair in the corner paired with a cushion in an abstract floral pattern. A light blue accent wall can also be a great way to bring focus to some of your framed vacation photos or shelved souvenirs.  Natural wood accents work well here.


Be sure to choose a shade of blue that works well with your furniture and don’t feel like you need to stay solely within the blue and white color scheme. Incorporating other items of color throughout the room will benefit the space by creating areas for the viewer’s eye to rest while still keeping your blues and whites dominant.


Ceiling length blue curtains connect well with a blue area rug extending from beneath the bed frame to help break up white walls and bedspread. Don’t be afraid to work with bolder patterns to keep the room looking interesting. Choose a central pattern and work from there to prevent overwhelming the space with contradictory elements.


Play with texture. Now that you have your colors, pair sleek furniture with a plush throw blanket or textured curtains with a bare white wall. Not only do you want to see the color scheme, you want to feel it too. If you have hardwood floors, use a shag rug to warm it up. Glass lamps can be glammed up with patterned lampshades. Blue and white flowers in a vase next to the bed also adds a nice touch.


This is your sanctuary at the end of the day, so fill it with all the things that you make you happy. Let your blue and white color scheme become as welcoming as possible through your creative ideas.




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