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Removing Cracked Grout – Reader Question August 2, 2010

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Reader Question:

Whats the best way to remove grout and replace? We remodeled our shower, but due to foundation movement, the corners have cracked and now water seeps in. I am assuming i need to remove the old grout and redo. Anysuggestions or insight? – Daniel


Grout replacement is one of the methods that can be used to correct minor moisture issues in a shower depending on the leak’s physical location within the shower itself.  If there is grout cracking on the walls or in the vertical corners at a level of 4 foot or higher, a small hand sized grout saw can be used to carefully saw out the joints to remove the old grout.  Thoroughly clean out the cavity with a shop-vac to remove any debris and reinstall grout where needed. On the other hand, when you have moisture seeping into adjacent rooms at levels lower than 4 foot high, this could be a sign of a much larger issue in the shower’s waterproofing system and should not be ignored.   If this is the case, I suggest that an appointment is made with a professional to inspect and address for corrective measures. – Ernie Nogales, Installation Manager


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