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Just the Right Angle August 10, 2010

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Making design decisions for your home can be challenging. You have to take a small sample and visualize a complete floor, countertop or backsplash. One simple trick can take your samples a bit further along the path to the final product and make your decisions easier. Position your samples at the height and angle they will be when installed.

The most valuable use of this technique is for choosing flooring. Put a sample of carpet, wood or tile on the floor and it can look completely different than it does on a table or a sample display. Once you’ve narrowed your choices, take a few minutes to look at them on the floor. This also helps if you’re having trouble picking a grout color. The contrast and tone is much easier to visualize if you can see the grout samples between two tiles on the floor.

If a new kitchen or bath is in your future, the process is more elaborate but equally valuable. You may need to elicit some help, but by positioning your cabinet, countertop, and backsplash choice together at the right angles, the more complete visual image of everything together can make a final decision easier.

Ready to make your choices? Try a new angle to make it both simpler and more fun.


1. Restroom Supplies - August 25, 2010

Hey i didn’t know to display items at the height and angle they will be installed. That’s a good tip. I’ve been wondering why my storefront looks a little ..off i guess i could say. It’s a little hard to make industrial supplies and floor cleaner pretty though.