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Let Your Floor Provide A Warm Tone May 1, 2011

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This is a simple room, but don’t dismiss it quickly. Choices made in this room make the space work particularly well.

The room itself is well proportioned with enough architectural detail to create interest even with no furniture. The fireplace surround coordinates with the crown molding. The appealing French doors serve as the focal point of the room with the side and top windows combining with the window frame and molding to draw the eye.

The floor is also a strong player in this space. The medium hickory adds the only warm tone in the room, and its lively grain and rough edges highlighted by the dark brown glaze give it a strong personality. The boards provide color and carry the eye through the room to the focal point in the back.

It would be easy to choose furnishings to hide this room’s beauty, but instead the simple modern choices in white and black allow the room to show off its assets. There’s one more piece of magic that makes this room work, the chandelier. Clearly vintage, the delicate lines and unique glass globes make it a strong almost sculptural element in the space.

Even if your home is newer, many of these architectural features are available to you. Take a look at today’s wood floors to find choices that reproduce the character of yesterday’s options. Molding and door and window frames are also available in rich traditional styles. For a chandelier that stands out from the average, take a look at stores that sell vintage light fixtures to find a remarkable selection. Even contemporary lighting choices may provide you with a look that mirrors your desire for an unusual piece.

Don’t be afraid to add personality to your home, or to combine old with new to create the look that makes you happy.


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