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Floors We Love: Brazilian Walnut May 27, 2011

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Brazilian Walnut is also known as Ipe or Lapacho. One of the most dense hardwoods available, Brazilian Walnut has a rating of 3680 on a scale of 4000.  Its hardness is practically unmatched by any other woods.

The color of Brazilian Walnut can very from an olive brown to near black, with most being a warm chocolate brown.  Like many exotic woods, Brazilian Walnut will darkened in color over time and with sun exposure, becoming a richer, deeper brown over time. Grain patterns vary from uniform to straight to irregular; clearly a wide range of grain patterns.

Brazilian Walnut is available in solid hardwood flooring as well as parquet flooring. Parquet will give your floors a lively pattern.

We love the rich warm brown of Brazilian Walnut for many rooms in the house. The hardness and durability of Brazilian Walnut floors can withstand busy traffic from family and pets.  These hardwood floors are less easy to scratch or ding. Kitchens, halls, entry ways, living rooms and dining rooms are all perfect places for Brazilian Walnut. Because it is moisture resistent, you could even put Brazilian Walnut in a bathroom or laundry room, or other rooms where moisture may be an issue.

While Brazilian Walnut is a wonderful durable hardwood for the interior of your home, it also makes a smart choice for outdoor decking or steps.  The extreme hardness of the wood makes it moisture and pest resistant—perfect for decking.

Whether you chose to use Brazilian Walnut indoors or outdoors, this dense hardwood is a good investment for its durability and rich, warm color.


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2. Nyc mold removal - July 11, 2011

Looks ecstatic …love the finish with the color et all.But the maintenance is also not very tough though there are specific techniques for the same.It is very essential to clean the floor as children may fall sick from the unclean floors.

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