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Hosting Sports Events? Save Your Floors! September 26, 2011

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Is your home the gathering place for family and friends to watch sports? The energy and excitement can be really fun, but clean up is a different story.

Do you want to have a fun party while keeping your floors nice? The best starting place comes before you select your flooring. Tile, laminate or stain-resistant carpeting will reduce the pressure to keep everything from spilling or falling.

If you’re not scheduled to replace your flooring soon and want to protect what you have, there are a number of things you can do to keep the excitement of the event going while still protecting your floors.

One approach is to choose snacks that lead to minimal damage. Pretzels work better than greasy chips. Cheese slices are better than drippy dips. Avoid beverages in dark colors that are harder to remove.

Another option is to provide the primary food choices in the kitchen. Set up a buffet with all the fixings for sandwiches. Choose smaller rolls so that the meal is easily handled with one hand and stick to sturdy plates so that food stays in place.

Your final option: grab a beach towel or two and tuck it under the coffee table and in front of chairs or sofas and sectionals. You can serve whatever you want and you don’t have to worry about the floor. You may get some laughs, but when the party’s done, just grab those towels and toss them in the wash, confident that your home is ready for the next event.


1. Patricia Lotich - October 8, 2011

Great words of wisdom – especially on game day!

2. denz@wood flooring perth - October 24, 2011

Nice entry! Having the right flooring that can be maintained easily is a good choice to any home.