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Gentle, Charming Bedroom January 31, 2012

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Would you like to add charm to your bedroom? This room provides some great ideas for warming up a space. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Choose a soft color palette. The peaches and delicate creams work well with the light wood furniture and mid-tone wood flooring. The overall feel is comfortable and inviting.

Add some black. The fireplace and accessories, along with the china dog in the foreground, add just enough dark tones to keep the room from becoming bland. Minor touches of black ground a room and provide a good contrast to the lighter elements.

Include puffs and ruffles. The extra fabric and padding make the room feel more comfy and encourage stretching out on the soft-looking bed. This gentle mood has support from the plush area rug, which looks particularly inviting for bare feet.

Look at lighting. The window light is diffused, indicating a covered patio or porch that’s reducing any glare from outside. Inside, candles in and above the fireplace offer light without being too bright. The almost-white walls and ceiling also reflect and carry the light.

Keep window-coverings simple. In this case drapes that match the walls provide a functional answer to light control while staying in the background. Light-toned blinds or shades would serve a similar purpose.

Take advantage of architecture. The fireplace in the corner provides a warm focal point that really suits the style of the room. Don’t hesitate to play up advantages like that to add personality to a room.

What ideas can you capture from this room to make your bedroom more charming?


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