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Crystals add Sparkle to Your Home July 20, 2011

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Since before diamonds were considered a girl’s best friend, crystal chandeliers have been a luxurious addition to many homes. They went out of style for a number of years, but they’re back and shinier than ever.

From the traditional look like this photo to modern sculptural pieces, crystal adds glamour and sparkle to any room. And speaking of any room, these appealing fixtures are now found in bedrooms and bathrooms as well as dining rooms in many homes.

If you have a traditional bedroom with rich dark wood floors, a crystal chandelier will reflect off the wood and add a warm glow to the room. Thanks to the dimmer switch, crystal pieces can add a romantic glow to a room as this photo shows.

Some of the most exciting happenings in crystal come from modern designers. A contemporary home can also showcase crystal with some of the dramatic fixtures available today. For example, the photo below shows how crystals can work well with this very modern dining room. The sparkle is a perfect foil for the dining chairs upholstered in soft gold leather.

When adding in your crystal fixture, choose a style that will suit your home. A traditional home will do well with the classic look, but don’t hesitate to check out the newer options if your taste is more modern.

Finally, be daring. Crystals add that splash of bling to a room, creating a sophisticated and adventurous look. Choose the light that makes you smile. If you’re going for crystal, don’t hold back!


1. Indianapolis Studio Apartments - August 31, 2011

This is beautiful