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Out-of-Control Boy’s Room December 6, 2011

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The robot on the top is not the winner; he is merely surveying the destruction left by a boy with way too many toys to his name.

Holidays, birthday parties and grandparents may all have contributed to this pile. And don’t deny it – that red underwater-looking guy was your purchase!

And by the way, equal time to your little girls. Chances are the color and type of toy will be different, but the pile could easily be just as high!

Rescue is at hand. If this situation is reducing your ability to reach his drawers and replace clean clothes and you notice that certain elements are drifting down the hall to the rest of your home, now is the time to handle the situation.

How are you fixed for storage bins? You may want to get a few sizes and colors to help with your sorting. Also pick up a label-maker or at least some stickers and a sharpie.

Now, sit down with your child and start a combination of sorting and negotiating. Even though most children hate to get rid of their possessions, it’s time to use a little strategy. Offer a bounty for every toy given away – say 2 dollars for a big toy and go down to 10 cents for those plastic toy soldiers that are all one color. Let your child know that they can spend that money on whatever they want (as long as it’s already on your approved list).

When you’re finished, chances are that pile will be noticeably reduced. Even the biggest pack-rat child won’t be able to resist the lure of new stuff to pile up in his or her room. Now, don’t delay. Remove the choice objects from sight immediately and donate so that children who are not as privileged as yours can have a pile of their own. And then rejoice – you have a room under control at last. But realize that this is not a one-time project. Prepare to continue until he or she grows up and leaves home permanently.


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