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Making it Cozy June 16, 2017

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You have bought a new home, but it has not felt like home. You have moved everything in, but there is still something missing. You almost feel like you are just living in someone else’s house. We get it, this is because you have not officially made your house, a home. 


Tips to make your house feel like home

1. There is such a thing as “too clean.” Having your counters filled with miscellaneous items can become cluttered and ultimately, look messy. But having nothing on your countertops can make it look like no one lives there! You will need to find a happy medium between cluttered and cleared. Think about the items you use every day and include them into the room’s design. If you constantly use a dish rag, buy a cute one and hang it off of your oven’s door handle. 

2. Incorporate a warm color scheme. Warm colors tend to make a room feel more comforting and homey. Try incorporating warm colors into your bigger rooms to make them feel cozier. 

3. Do not leave walls empty. Add pictures of your loved ones, places you have visited, fun artwork, clocks, etc. Decorating your walls helps to bring the space together and adds personality.  

4. Add color and plants. Plants can really liven up your space with their beauty. Place some plants throughout your home to bring some serenity to your space. Also, incorporate pops of color throughout your house to break away from simplicity and boringness. 

5. Make each room different. Your personal style makes the home your own. Try making each room a little different to create the vibe you want you home to have. 

6. Cozy up with candles. There is nothing more “homey” than a good smelling house with some dim-lit candles. Once you add some candles, you will absolutely love the scent that you will always smell when you walk into the room. 

7. Decorate with pillows. A couch can be very simple and plain without pillows or blankets. Plus, it makes the room more cozy for guests when they are sitting on the couch. There is nothing like cozying up with a nice blanket for your home movie night. 


The last step to make a home your own is to get new flooring that you love! We would love to help you choose the perfect flooring for your home. 


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