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An Organized Bedroom July 15, 2017

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Organizing a bedroom can become a difficult task because we tend to accumulate a lot of items. Finding a proper home for every item in your bedroom can become frustrating. We want to help you maximize the storage opportunities available in your home’s bedrooms with six simple tips. An organized home is a happy home! Start the organization process in your bedroom this summer.


Six Tips for an Organized Bedroom:

Tip No. One: Create a unique space. 

A room is more organized if you try to designate specific areas for different activities in your bedroom. Depending on your bedroom size, this can be easily accomplished. You can add a small desk for work activities, a sofa chair, and lamp to create your reading nook or a small table with a coffee maker as a mini coffee bar. 

Tip No. Two: Start your day off right. 

Start your day off by making your bed each morning. There is no better feeling than coming home to a clean room and a made bed. If you had a stressful day, this will help you to feel more at ease when you get home. 

Tip No. Three: Everything has a home.  

A general rule to follow: always put everything back in its place. Everything is your room has a home and it is really easy to throw things around when you are getting ready in the morning, but make sure to put everything away before you leave. 

Tip No. Four: Baskets are a homeowner’s best friend. 

Baskets are a great piece in your bedroom because they add to your room’s decor and organization. You can use them to store blankets, towels or dirty clothes. Baskets can help reduce visible clutter and give you a place to store your items. 

Tip No. Five: Storage goes beyond the closet. 

Add shelving systems, utilize the space underneath your bed, and take advantage of the area behind your doors to get the most out of your bedroom. 

Tip No. Six: Schedule an hour.

Things will be easier to accomplish if you set an hour aside each week for cleaning and organizing your space. Make sure to stick to the same schedule each week for an effective routine. 


We hope you enjoyed these simple tips for keeping your home’s bedrooms organized. Take summer as the opportunity to get a jumpstart on your home’s organization! Let us know ways you stay motivated to organize your home in the comment section. 


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