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How to Add Color into A Boring Room August 11, 2017

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Imagine an empty white room. Now, we give you permission to decorate it however you want, but you cannot change the white wall color or the white flooring. What would be the first thing you would do? You would probably start off by adding some color into your space and that is the best advice we can give homeowners. Most homeowners are looking to spice up their space but they do not know where to start. Here is our guide on how to add color to a boring room. 


Step One: Gain Inspiration.

Sure, we could start off by saying “choose your favorite color,” but your favorite color may not be the color you want to see in your home every day. Take some time to explore all the color possibilities that there are online. Look at other homeowner’s houses and see how they have experimented with colors. After you have gotten inspired, you are ready for step two! 

Step Two: Choose a Staple Piece. 

We want you to choose one decorative item that you absolutely must have in this space. Once you have chosen that item, you can begin to design around it. Everything in the room must go off of that one item. For example, you have chosen a beautiful, navy blue sofa for your living room. That would be your one decorative item! 

Step Three: Get a Color Scheme.

Next, we want to build up the room surrounding that one item. Find colors that work well with the item you have chosen. This will be a good opportunity to use some of the inspiration you have previously gained. What other color schemes did homeowners use with that color? Before you make a purchase, gather fabric samples and paint chips from the stores. See how they work with your staple piece and how they look in the room’s lighting. 

Step Four: Start Decorating.

Now that you have decided on a color scheme you can begin buying items within that color family. Make sure to decide whether you want dark or light woods in the room and what type of metallic finishes you are going to choose (silver, gold or rose gold)? Start off by buying the room’s larger items then you can move onto the smaller items. 

Step Five: Finish by Painting. 

The last step is to paint the room. The key to painting a room filled with colors is to select a color within your color scheme that was not used very often and is rather neutral. If you are going to choose a color, tone it down by selecting a more subtle version. Make sure to ask for paint experts advice before you buy your color.  


Wow, we must say your new space looks amazing! The best way to finish off your home is with brand new flooring. Complete the look with gorgeous hardwood flooring, elegant tile, or cozy carpet from us. We would love to help you finish off your home. Stop in today for more information on our flooring selection. 


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