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Garden Container Ideas September 15, 2017

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We can hardly contain ourselves! Fall is on its way and that means your garden will be transformed into an autumn oasis. Plus, we have nine container ideas for you to fallin love with this season. Like our puns? You will like our container ideas even more! 


Nine Garden Container Ideas (Fall)

Idea 1: A Rustic Touch. You can find a lot of hidden treasures at your local antique shop. An old pale, wheelbarrow or bin could be used to house your favorite fall plants!

Idea 2: Straight From The Farm. Palette boxes are a trendy and affordable option for homeowners looking to add some rustic charm. You can place the boxes on your front steps or anywhere you desire for a timeless look. 

Idea 3: Make A Bold Entrance. Make a statement by placing your garden containers on either side of your front door. 

Idea 4: New Hues, Who Dis? Fall brings a whole new color spectrum along with it. From reds to yellows, your garden will be officially warm-toned. When you are deciding on your garden container, make sure you choose one that fits with your color scheme. Darker colors tend to work well with the fall-like tones.

Idea 5: It’s About Who You Hang With. While you are decorating your garden container, consider the area surrounding it. Dress up the area with hay, squash, acorns, pumpkins, and other fall-like decor pieces. The newly-added decorations will help spruce up your home and make it look fall-ready. 

Idea 6: Welcoming Windows. A great garden container is a window planter. They bring life to your windows and demand attention to your home’s exterior. Window planters are a great curb appeal booster for homeowners. 

Idea 7: A Teacher’s First-Love. Transform an ordinary planter into a unique piece by using chalkboard paint. Afterwards, you can grab a piece of chalk and write sayings on your planter like “thankful” or “blessed.” You can bring out this chalkboard planter each year and change up the design and quote to fit your mood. 

Idea 8: What’s Hanging? Hanging plants are great options for homeowners who have decks and porches. You can plant fall flowers inside of your plant hangers for a warm, cozy look. 

Idea 9: The Pumpkin Patch. Try hollowing out pumpkins and using them to hold your flowers. Note that this idea is a temporary idea because pumpkins can rot; therefore, you want to change them out frequently or plant it only when you are planning on having guests. 


We hope you enjoyed these nine ideas! Check back weekly for more ideas and updates. 


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