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Designing Your Bedroom Under Budget October 4, 2017

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If you have a spare bedroom, you may be asking yourself “Where am I going to get the money to design this extra room?” Designing a bedroom does not need to break your bank! In fact, we can help keep you on-budget with these eight pro-design tips! 


Designing a Bedroom Under-Budget:

  1. Liven it up with paint. A fresh coat of paint can transform any room into a luxurious escape without going over budget. Warmer colors can help create a homey feel while pops of color can bring life and happiness into your space. If you are looking for a calming mood, try a light blue or various shades of pastel colors. 
  2. Shop your house. Do not hit up the housing stores just yet. Your home may hold a lot of unused treasures that can be perfect for your bedroom. Look around your home to find decor pieces and unused furniture that would work in your bedroom. 
  3. Matching is so last year. If you are concerned about matching, do not be! Matching patterns, metals, and fabrics are so last year. You can combine the different objects and create a beautiful design. 
  4. Comfort meets chic. Focus on the comfort of your bed before you spend money on other pieces in your bedroom. Buy extra soft sheets, a comfortable mattress, and a plush comforter. The bed can hold all of the details of the room without you even realizing it. 
  5. Details found in the DIY. If you do not own something, make it yourself! Great DIY projects can be found online for homeowners looking to extend creativity. 
  6. Gather hand-me-downs. Before you buy brand new, ask your family and friends for their old furniture. Yes, we understand that “old furniture” may not sound extremely appealing, but you can repurpose it into something spectacular. When in doubt, take what people offer. You can either reinvent it or sell it for some extra cash. Take what you can, when you can. 
  7. Nothing a plant cannot fix. Plants can bring color and life into your space without breaking the bank! Try incorporating them into your bedroom’s decor for a simple, budget-friendly update. Succulents and cacti are a great long-lasting, trendy option that would work great in your bedroom. The best part is that they are inexpensive and low-maintenance!
  8. Splurge on the important. Saving money is the best way to have money left to spend on the important details in your spare room.  While your decor will be pleasant to experience, the true measure of a guest room is the mattress.  Invest in a comfortable and well-built mattress and your guests can sleep well.  


We are happy to answer any questions you may have while setting up a spare room!


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