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Living Room Decor: Traditional Style November 3, 2017

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As time marches on, so do popular trends. This can be a bit of a challenge to keep up with when you are decorating your home. Updates can be costly and pieces will not last as long since they will go out of style within a few years.  Don’t underestimate the beauty and longevity of incorporating traditional style into your design.  It has a timeless quality that will last a lifetime and keep costs down with its much-loved look. 


Home layouts have changed as time has gone by. The demand for separate non-bedroom spaces is not as popular as open floor plans are anymore. While traditional pieces perform well in separate spaces, remember that they can also work wonders in merged common areas.  The living room is a great example of this.  The classic soft palette used in traditional style decorating helps blend any shared spaces seamlessly.  Any colors of special interest can be easily integrated through the room’s accessories. Allow the drapery, throw pillows and blankets to catch the eye. A beautiful oil painting above the fireplace will steal the show.


Keep your main pieces soft and warm to create an inviting space. Use texture to create a cozy spot you want to settle into at the end of the day.  To add richness to the room, dark wood accents give the room visual weight and provide a little bit of luxury at the same time. Beautiful wooden antique pieces will help set the stage. Bronze candlesticks can provide ambiance in the evening with the support of wall sconces emitting a soft, yellow light throughout the room through the use of a dimmer switch.


Installing tall indoor potted plants will add a natural look while also bringing some nice color to the room.  If the decor is of mostly solid color pieces, try adding a little bit of design through the use of an area rug. An area rug especially will look stunning when placed in a room that needs a focal point.  If possible, using a glass coffee table to prevent blocking the view from such a wonderful piece.


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