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Make a Fully-Functioning Entryway November 28, 2017

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Entryways are an incredible part of the home. They provide a glimpse into your home’s decor, a place to wipe your feet and welcome your guest. If done correctly, they can give homeowners a fantastic amount of storage. To help you accomplish a successful entryway, we have created a list of four tips to help make your entryway fully-functional. 


How to Make Your Entryway Fully-Functional:

Tip #1: Section off Your Entryway. 

A great way to keep consistency and organization afloat in your entryway is to divide it into areas. These designated areas will help keep your family organized and moving. 

    • Area One: Jackets, Shoes, Hats, Scarves, Gloves, Etc. 
    •   Area Two: Keys, Purse/Briefcase, Sunglasses, Umbrella, Etc.
    •   Area Three: Pet Leashes, Treats, and Other Pet Supplies.
    •   Area Four: Backpacks and Lunch-boxes.

Try adding wall-hooks to help hang your belongings. Hooks are a quick and effective way to keep items organized and accessible. If your entryway allows, add baskets for extra storage. The baskets are a stylish storage option that will help keep your stuff neat and arranged. 

Tip #2: Add Extra Light. 

Lighting in an entryway is essential! To help create more light during the nighttime, be sure to add in a lamp. During the daytime, pull back curtains and blinds to let the sunlight flow throughout the space. 

Tip #3: Foreshadow. 

Like we mentioned before, your home’s entryway can provide a glimpse into your home’s style and decor. Let your personality shine while you decorate your entryway. Be sure to add special touches that describe your personal style and tastefully match the rest of the home. 

Tip #4: Add Storage. 

Depending on your budget and personal style, you can add a variety of different furniture pieces to your entryway. Antique dressers or rustic lockers can add a trendy twist to your front entrance. Also, be sure to add some seating for putting on your shoes! 


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