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How To Create the Perfect Winter Bedroom January 24, 2018

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Feel the chill in the air? Now that winter is here the one place you should be able to seek solace from the weather is your bedroom.  There’s nothing more comforting than crawling under the warm covers.  During this season, your bedroom should be softer, warmer and more inviting. We’re going to show you how to make your bedroom an escape during the bitter winter.



Incorporate Lighter Colors

In many areas, winter means long, cold and dark days. Therefore, you should introduce some lighter colors into your bedroom design scheme to brighten up those dreary days. Consider using hues like warm whites, light grey, and pale blues.  Colors like yellow and taupe are also appropriate. Using such colors throughout your bedroom will add brightness to your space which can lift your spirits on those bitter winter days.

Be sure to use layers of texture within your bedroom as well. For instance, a thick rug at the foot of your bed and a faux fur throw draped over your bed is bound to keep you warm and cozy.


Increase Indoor Lighting

Since the sun goes down early in the winter, you’ll want to add more sources of light to your bedroom so that you can bring back some of the warmth that the sunshine brings. So instead of sticking to a single overhead light, consider scattering task lighting throughout the room to create a glow that illuminates from within. Opt for incandescent light bulbs since they cast a warm, orange glow.


Make Your Bed Warm with Flannel

Of course, you can’t have a cozy bedroom without an ultra-warm bed. It’s time to switch out your light linen summer bedding for something heavier.  Flannel bedding is an essential because it’s soft and is guaranteed to keep you warm when the temperature drops.  Flannel has a woven surface that helps keep the heat in.


Don’t forget the duvet

When your blanket isn’t doing the job switch to a heavyweight duvet. Invest in a duvet that is 100 percent goose down.  A goose down duvet adjusts to your body temperature which means that it will keep you toasty on the winter nights and is breathable during the summer. 


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